Feb. 6th, 2012

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Characters: Spain and you.
Format: [action] or prose
This log is: Open
Location: Outside the battle arena
Summary: Spain has a football and wants to play with Rakuen. Obviously there is only one ball so feel free to threadjack to take it away. Or you can pretend you already got it back and just start a new thread, haha. 
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Characters: Everyone!
Format: ANY
This log is: open beyond all belief.
Location: The gym on Fortitude campus.
Summary: So there's a massive room carpeted in mattresses and covers and pillows and people are bringing food and there will probably be pillow fights.
Warnings: to be added
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Characters: Oichi ([community profile] bedtime) and The Midwife ([personal profile] themidwife)
Format: Action
This log is: closed
Location: Fortitude, Pale
Summary: After player declaration, the Midwife decides in a fit of pique to storm back to his dorms before classes. There he finds a friend - and perhaps something more. And by that I mean "a weapon."
Warnings: Absurd levels of profanity. Probably nothing else.
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[Feferi's got an angry look - yes, angry - on her face when she gets on her PDA. Yeah, she's mad after what Day said. But her voice still manages to have a degree of cheer to it.]

Okay, everyone. I'm Feferi, and I'm one of the Players this round. There's one thing I don't believe in, and that's Discards. If you need a Player, just come find me, all right? We all need to stick together. That's the only way to get through this. Let's do what we can to make things better for each other.

[private to Suzaku Kururugi]

Suzaku. Want to keep up our partnership? I'm sorry I couldn't keep Day from getting pissed at you.

[private to Utena Tenjou]

Utena, it's Feferi. Do you have a Player? If not, I'd like to ask.
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[Nephenee flashes up on the screen and pokes the camera. It seems to be working...]

Uh, is this here thing on?

[She decides to go with it anyway.]

Um, I just wanna give a hand ta any of the Weapons who don't have a Player yet. I heard what the manual says bout Discards, and that's jus' awful to be treated that way. So, um, if ya want, I can be your Player for the round. You don't have ta fight if ya don't want ta, and I'll treat ya real good. Even if your not a lance or somethin like that I'll do mah best with ya....
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 Greetings people of Conquest. I do not believe I have yet introduced myself. My name is Sis Strider, and I have been here since the last round.

[Introductions were always strange. She had been hiding herself away, and Estonia was really the only person who knew her at all from Conquest.]

I have been called by Day to be a player this round, if you vow with me we will talk permissions and what not. I look for fight in a weapons eyes. If you have fight, come see me. It will be a tough round as I see it.

[....Sob. Could anyone really live up to Sis' strange standards? She comes back a moment later, rethinking her earlier proposition.]

If you are a weapon without a player, come see me.

ooc edit: not sure why my brain left out that last thought sorry!

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( Good day, Fortitude school! Madoka looks a little nervous when the video starts up, but soon enough she takes a deep breath and smiles. )

Um, hello! My name is Madoka Kaname and as of this round, I'm one of the Players from our school. I'm not the best fighter as it stands but I'm willing to learn more about whatever Weapon you might have if you do what to fight. If you're the sort that isn't interested, then I'll still be willing to make sure you get the rights you deserve.

More than anything, I just want to make sure everyone that is a Weapon this round has at least that much and protection.

If you're not interested, or already have someone you've vowed with then it's still nice to meet you if I haven't had the chance yet.
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