Feb. 11th, 2012

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Hey guys, this is Aisha Clanclan. I'm sure all of you are matched up by now, but if you need a Player . . . well, you know the drill. But that's not really what this is for.

I want to fight. More than one at a time. It's how I did it back home, and it worked for me there. [She is still so very very angry.] Any of you guys up for it? Ugh, I hate this stupid Exaclan crap, I wish . . .

But anyway, let me know. Oh, and John! I've got a decent telescope, let's find someplace to use it!
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Characters: Karkat Motherfucking Vantas and Gamzee Motherfucking Makara
Format: Action because I caught bad case of the lazy
This log is: CLOSED.
Location: Park after class which is neutral ground so gtfo
Summary: Two GQ Motherfuckers meet up to discuss their "relationship". Karkat being a mother hen. The usual.
Warnings: Gratuitous swearing and pale gay boys

karkat transcends meaningful song lyric cuts )
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