Feb. 20th, 2012

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Characters: Kamui, Spain, South Italy
Format: [action]
This log is: *closed*
Location: Fortitude campus
Summary: A night attack, a disagreement between partners, and drama.
Warnings: Character death
Storm is Coming )
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[Have a Yuki on your screen]

While I am aware that asking for Weapons over the network tends to be frowned upon by some of the Prefects [Santana], I would like to extend an offer to any Discards.

I will give you all your rights and only use you for battle if you wish to be used.

I have experience with swords but I am willing to try anything.
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Characters:Tavros Nitram and Vriska Serket, backdated to arrival day
Format: Prose
This log is: closed
Location: Black 1-B
Summary: Tavros is the last person she was expecting to see.
Warnings: Awkward...ness... Also language probably.
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[In the clip, Cirno is standing in front of the lake, in her usual fairy clothing. It looks like it wasn't too long after the assembly. She crosses her arms and looks confident.]

Hey! I'm Cirno and I get to play this round! I'm looking for weapons to help me out! If ya don't wanna fight, That's okay but if you wanna fight let me know!

[She stands there a moment before looking about and running towards the recording, it shows a swirl of color for a moment as she turns it off.]
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Characters: Sis Strider and You.
Format: Action, willing to switch!
This log is: OPEN!
Location: In her dorm, for the first time ever.
Summary: Sis regains a memory from Kotaro. She's eternally thankful, and pleased at that.
Warnings: ASL swearing. PROBABLY.
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