Mar. 5th, 2012

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Characters: You & Arthur!
Format: Action or prose.
This log is: open
Location: At the lake
Summary: Arthur chilling but feeling sick from the sun.
Warnings: Hm, language possibly? Will edit this if something goes on!
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hi guys!
soooooooo apparently i'm a player this round.
i totally would've hung out after assembly to vow with some folks but i had some pressing business to attend to.
so i am looking for a weapon!
anybody i vow with gets full rights to do whatever and eat whatever.
i'm definitely gonna be battling but if you don't want to, that's cool too, just lemme know.

so, anybody still need a player to vow with?
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[On screen is a very exuberant pony. She's practically vibrating with excitement. And her eyes are crossed.]

Hi everypony! I'm Bubblecup! I'm from Ponyville-- Well, technically Cloudsdale because I'm a pegasus! See? [She flaps her wings haphazardly and lowers her head so she can show them off better.] But I mostly hang out in Ponyville. Well, before I got here to play this really fun game with you guys.

But I have a really important question! Are you ready for it? Everypony pay attention!--teehee I sounded like Cheerilee

Why are all of you walking on two legs, and can you teach me? I promise I'm a really quick learner! And I'll try not to bump into people too much. [Somehow that last sentence seems less than sincere.]
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Characters: Sora and anyone from Fortitude who wants to check on Conquest and get punished for it OPEN POST don't wait on Sora or anything if you want to log with someone else.
Format: Starting in action but wevs suits you
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude campus -> Conquest campus and then wherever.
Summary: Sora runs to Conquest to check on her friends. Others have much the same idea.
Warnings: tba
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