Mar. 7th, 2012

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That was highly inconvenient timing. All of my students ought to have their ledger project completed and on my desk by now. If not, you've had plenty of extra time and I won't accept it.

We will be meeting again as normally scheduled. Please be prepared to justify your responses to me.

And I'm sorry to ask, but what is all of this commotion about Conquest's announcements? I'm afraid I was incapacitated.

[And another note sent afterward]
Golbez, may we speak?
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Characters: Aisha Clanclan and you and you and you too . . .
Format: Prose or action's fine.
This log is: Open!
Location: Around Conquest, starting in the infirmary.
Summary: Someone's been in a bit of a coma . . .
Warnings: Swearing, cranky cat-girls, etc.
Everything we dreamed of . . . )
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Hello, everyone. I hope everyone has found players by now, so everyone can see this.

Some of you may remember a post Kotaro made asking for blood donations for our vampire population. This is a repeat of that request. With the latest group of students, we have another to add to our number, thus our supplies need to go a bit further.

So if there are any other volunteers that would like to go through the standard blood donation procedure, I would very much appreciate it. The only pain involved would be a needle stick and I'd only need about a half hour of your time. Depending on my resources, there may be an upgrade ring in it for you as an incentive.

Thank you for your time!

[This last bit is also posted to 'Seeking' as well as added to his main message]
My player is Kotaro, and his goal is to collect the six weapons and win the round. After all, he's a child, so fighting with adults may not be the best thing for him. If there are two more unclaimed weapons, I'd like it very much if you could vow with him so none of you have to worry about fighting this week. He gives full rights, of course.

--Dr. Samuel Henderson
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i wanted to talk to you
if thats okay.....
i know that i am in fortitude and you are not supposed to like me
you are the only person i can think of to ask questions to
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