Mar. 17th, 2012

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You're falling, and you can't remember why. It's a sickening feeling that makes your insides lurch; the darkness and the vertigo combine, and all you can think of is a story you heard once, somewhere.

Ah, I remember now. It's... a simple story that everyone knows. A legend of a Princess, the Demon Lord who kidnapped her, and the Knight who fought to save her. The Demon Lord had kidnapped the Princess countless times, but every time the Knight bested his challenges and rescued the Princess. No matter what tricks and ploys the Demon Lord used, the Knight would always triumph in the end. This was because--

The world tilts on its axis one last time, and the dream slips from your mind as easily as it arrived. A new voice intrudes on your sleep. Mechanical, monotonous.

"Next stop: Rakuen City. This train terminates here. The next stop is Rakuen. All change." The train rocks steadily. Fog envelopes the windows, obstructing your view and reminding you of an unsettling dream simultaneously. The air is humid inside the carriages, a vent beside your feet heating the air and making the seats almost uncomfortably warm. A puff of steam from the train winds its way lazily past the windows, a slightly different shade and consistency as the grey fog.

It's strangely difficult to shake off the sleep; the rhythm of the train seems to lull you back into slumber and the air is warm and heavy, making it hard to keep hold of a thought. Finally, though, the nausea settles, the last of the dream fades and you can take in your surroundings. And, perhaps more importantly, those around you in a similar state. The train judders to a stop, the shape of buildings and people only now barely visible as shadows beyond the windows.

"We have arrived at Rakuen City. All passengers must leave the train. This train is terminating here. This is Rakuen."
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Characters: Suzaku and Rose
Format: Prose? Unless you want action
This log is: Closed
Location: Red dorm 1-A
Summary: Now Kevin is a prefect it is just Suzaku and Rose in their dorm. Late at night shenanigans and general getting to know you.
Warnings: Who even knows. Probably not.
Sneaking in late )
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Characters: Dahlia, Gino??, other employees and customers
Format: Whatever
This log is: open
Location: A pizza place in town
Summary: This is an open mingling/hanging out post. Want to come eat pizza, talk to the employees, dine and dash? This is the post for you.

Dahlia didn't like this job. She had to be on her feet all day, and the skirt that came with the waitress's uniform was shorter than her school uniform's. At first, the free pizza during her lunch break was nice; but now, after five weeks of working in this place, just the smell was enough to make her gag.

But she kept a smile on her face as she worked. That afternoon, she approached a table of customers, put on her widest grin, and said, "What can I get for you?"
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