Mar. 19th, 2012

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Characters: Ringo and YOU
Format: Action?
This log is: open
Location: Outside.... somewhere?
Summary: Ringo getting used to the school
Warnings: NONE AT ALL
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A. [Sam is busily straightening the bookstore, dressed more casually than normal, with the typical bookstore-y ID lanyard on his neck. He rather likes the job, having never needed a part-time job before even when he had been living with his parents. He wouldn't say his life was harder now than it was, just different.

He wasn't too far in la-la land, though. When someone comes up, he gives them a nice smile, (careful not to show too much fang).] Hi! Can I help you find anything?

B. [Well, his bookishness sometimes gets the better of him. He'd happened across a text on troll biology, and he really couldn't help himself. Now he's holding up a shelf in the corner, focused on reading. Come bug him.]
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