Mar. 20th, 2012

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Good afternoon, newbies! I'm Lemina Ausa of Conquest, and I have a deal just for you!

Nobody wants to do that stupid homework, right? If you're a student, I'm here to help! Only one rak per assignment for simple question-and-answer problems, and half a rak per page (rounded up) for essay assignments. I also offer tutoring if you're struggling with math, for the mega low price of two raks an hour!

And if you're a teacher, don't feel left out! Feeling too overwhelmed coming up with lesson plans and writing up assignments? Talk to me and we can work out a reasonable price for my services as a T.A. Don't wait, order now!

[ An addendum was recorded after her conversation with Santana: ]

Okay, ignore the part about me helping you guys cheat, but the offer for tutoring still stands. If you need any help with math, accounting, or other number-related subjects, let me know and I'd be mega happy to assist you!
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might be moving asl lessons around a bit
i guess this is a
what day do you think is best??? input
i considered saturday but like half of us work
i work on saturdays
but theres no point in making this on a day where you guy cant make it
so i guess
for a day
and a time
inb4 after school
im not stupid numbnuts
also its just gonna be just me next meeting most likely
egbert seems to be taking an extensive all paid trip to the land of dreams and fuck you im not waking up
whoops sorry
mr nice guy is sleeping
you have to deal with my tyranny until hes back online


Mar. 20th, 2012 05:51 pm
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[The long haired name is standing in the dorms, but he looks extremely unhappy about it. His hair is tangled with a brush dangling from frazzled strands.]

This is not funny.
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1. [ once he's done getting Yuri somewhere quiet to sleep off the penalty and he's returned the registers to the prefect HQ, Flynn is off to perform his next most important duty.

Putting up warning signs at all of the taps, fountains and pretty much anything containing any amount of water in Conquest. They read WARNING! THIS FIXTURE CONTAINS WATER in large, simple black lettering.

Just another day in the life of Flynn, saviour of the people. ]

2. [ if you're a new arrival, you'll probably have Flynn approach you to introduce himself at some point in the day. ] Good afternoon. I hope you found your dormitory easily enough?
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