Apr. 16th, 2012

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[There's a new face peering through the mirror today with a plate of food before him and a fork dangling lazily between his fingers. By the look on his face, those somewhat dark rings beneath his eyes, Seto Kaiba didn't bother to sleep. He had been here for two days and for that entire period he had been observing, taking notes, and verbally abusing who ever tried to stop him. His adventure was cut short, however. He hadn't eaten and he hadn't slept: the paranoia and disturbia began to settle in and he put an end to his search. Just for today.]

I created video games a lot more interesting than this. What else would you call this 'player and weapon' nonsense? How many times do I have to tell you geeks not to involve me in your stupid games?

[He pushed about his feed. The guy should eat but, he was all the feels and too distracted.]

Let me take a wild guess, the only way we can go home is if we somehow manage to win. You poor fools, what would you do without me. I never lose. [Except to Yuugi but you all don't need to know that and there's a legitimately good reason why. He's starting to accept it.]

The sooner I know the rules of this game, the faster I can get involved. Let it out, I'm listening.
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Characters: Nyo!England and YOU
Format: whatever you like, I will follow
This log is: open, Monday and Thursday of week 7
Location: conquest classroom
Summary: England is finally ready to start teaching. Are you ready to summon cute little creatures monsters?
Warnings: probably PGish, unless there is searing
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