Apr. 20th, 2012

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[He sounds winded, but there is that typical commanding tone to his voice] Attention all students: A large creature has emerged from the arena tower. All students and staff capable of fighting are needed at the arena.

Players, you are not limited in the number of weapons you may wield. Make as many vows as you can. Draw the weapons and ensure they end up in the hands of those that can use it best. Those with swords and similar melee weapons assemble on the arena platform, and will attack in waves. All ranged weapons should take up positions in the stands. Noncombatants and those with healing or refreshing capabilities should remain in the entrances.

We must not let it leave the arena, for the sake of our friends that cannot defend themselves.

I will take command of the battle. If someone in Conquest considers themselves capable, they may step forward for their portion of the student body.

We have to come together, regardless of school or homeland affiliations and defeat this. It will bring us that much closer to returning to our homes. Following what I tell you is going to assure our victory. Let us show the people that have brought us here what our real power is.


Apr. 20th, 2012 10:00 pm
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[Someone was outside when that thing appeared. Becca looks up at the thing in the sky and freezes, the heaving of her chest the only movement she makes for several moments. Slowly she starts moving again, bringing her hands up to press down on her chest, as if that will still the beating of her heart. It's no good, though, and her weak heart soon gives out at such a panicked pace.]
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Characters: Everyone who answers Lelouch's call and turns up at the arena
Format: all the formats
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle. Make your own sub threads, have fun!
Warnings: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle, so injury maybe death.
Time to fight... )
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