May. 14th, 2012

stoppedhiding: Golbez (r u for real)
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It is highly likely that the six "devils" guarding the "stars" are beasts guarding the towers scattered about this city, if last week's incident was any indication. Now that we are aware of the requirements for opening these towers, it would be prudent to organize a party to open a second.

It would be far too convenient if the same four prefects were capable of opening multiple towers. I suspect we will need four new prefects, one from each dormitory if the colors of the plaques on the doors are any indication. Lelouch, is this assumption correct?

I was originally assigned to the white dormitory. Volunteers from the other three would be appreciated.

((OOC: So uh Golbez wants another tower thing to occur now that he's made prefect. Volunteer/talk him out of it/whatever?))
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