May. 17th, 2012

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[ He really doesn't want to do this. But if he doesn't, he knows it's not his head it will be on. There's really nothing he can do, and it will happen anyway -- all Golbez is doing is acting as a mouthpiece.

At 8AM on Thursday, the announcement happens. ]

Somebody in Rakuen has fallen below zero raks. The penalty will now commence.

[ The first victim is Sis Strider. From there, once every hour a different person will be selected for a five-minute warning penalty until America has zero or more raks. In order, the following victims include Dave Strider at 9AM, John Peixes at 10AM, Nunnally vi Britannia at 11AM, Jade Harley at noon, Dirk Strider at 1PM, Jake English at 2PM, and Bubblecup at 3PM.

As each victim is affected, they will appear on the Exaclan viewing screens and on computers connected to the network. Feel free to thread that out here, or in a new post if you would prefer.

There is no IC indication of who the culprit is unless he confesses to it himself. ]
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Characters: Dunleavy and Fortitude students
Format: Whatever you want
This log is: open class post
Location: Fortitude's sports hall
Summary: Rakuen's mayor, Dunleavy, on Dolorosa's invitation has come to teach bench dancing
Warnings: None
Time to dance... )
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