Jun. 17th, 2012

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Calling for beta testers!

I've been working on a lovely little application for your PDAs. Are you tired of constantly checking the forums and networks to see if your friends won their fights? Want to check who your friend has vowed to, and if they've recently checked into the infirmary? There's an app for that!

Well, mostly. It's still a bit buggy, and doesn't have the fastest update time, but that's why I am seeking beta testers! I've decided to open six slots to players who are extremely active in the game. I need people who will use the program, and are willing to submit reports letting me know about crashes or other bugs that might come up.

Signing up will be first-come-first-served, with three slots open to each campus. The Beta is free, and upgrade to the official release will be at a 50% discount.

  1. Jade Harley
  2. Shion

  1. Lemina Ausa
  2. Flynn Scifo

I should probably write up some kind of EULA, but let it be known if anything happens to your PDA because of the program, I am not accountable. I'm also not accountable for what's done with the information, but I reserve the right to revoke program access without refund if I determine the information is being misused. All in all, I don't think there should be problems with the first part at least.

  • Check status of residents (Player, vowed and with whom, discard)
  • Check battle history
  • Be informed real-time about starts of battles.
  • Option to have changes in a weapon's status, battle starts, and/or battle results sent as notifications to your PDA
Features to come in future updates:
  • Lists of upgrades unlocked for each person
  • Linked partners, players with undead charms

((OOC: The program is going to have a bit of a lag, about 5 minutes between battle start and the actual notifications, and the same thing for the rest of the information. It'll crash every so often, especially during something like a tournament where there will be a lot of information changing. This will improve with time. When it comes out of Beta, the people who have it from this post will still have service for a round before they need to purchase the new release, though they get it at half off.))


Jun. 17th, 2012 04:48 pm
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Hi there, everyone. My name is Samuel Henderson, and if you're new, you may not know that I am Conquest's school doctor. Though, I am happy to help everyone if there's a problem somewhere I can access.

But more importantly, I'm a Player this round. And if there are Weapons out there that are good at fighting in their own right, and just need a Player to draw their weapon for them so they can go fight, I'm alright with that. I'll give you full access to the school's resources and everything, of course.

Last time a tower opened those that fought the monster got a voucher for anything they wanted from the store, so there's definitely something to be gained here!

I'll be nearby in case someone gets hurt during the battle, though. I'm just not much of a fighter.

((OOC: I also have Bubblecup for similar purposes in Fortitude, and you can either drop an OOC note here or over on the plotting post if you want to do something similar with her))
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