Jun. 18th, 2012

knightime: Art by Mallius (silent screams)
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Characters: Dave Strider[AU] and Dirk Strider
Format: Any
This log is: Closed
Location: Black 2-A Dorm
Summary: Dave doesn't sleep well the night after receiving the memory back of his Sis' death. Cue him trying to find somewhere to sleep that isn't his own bed that may fair better for his shitty sleeping habits. Somehow he just ends up in Dirk's bed. Oh well.
Warnings: Striders. Obnoxious levels of gross lameness. These warnings need their own warnings.
The day that he first met her )
greenspaces: (pic#3860816)
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Characters: Sora Himoto and Jade Harley (AU)
Format: Action
This log is: Closed
Location: Prefect's cottage, Sora and Jade's room
Summary: Sora finds out that Yuki is gone.
Warnings: None.
breathing in the light )
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