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Characters: Jack Noir & Conquest Students
Format: prose, actionbrackets, whatever the hell you want
This log is: OPEN obviously
Location: Wilderness Survival Class, which isn't actually outside because fuck that
Summary: actually make that Minimal Effort Teaching 101
Warnings: if someone doesn't get stabbed I'll be very disappointed
[For the second day of class Jack decides to actually show up, so if anyone was hoping to get another free period out of it they're shit out of luck this time. Five minutes late, he slams open the door and stomps angrily over to his desk, taking about two seconds to look over his class before deciding he hates every last one of you.]

Alright all you whiny little fucks, let's get one thing straight here-- I'm don't wanna teach shit, and you're all probably hopeless doomed wimps anyway. But apparently I'm getting paid just to be here, so fuck if I'm gonna waste my time anywhere else.

So here's your first lesson, everyone shut the fuck up. Knowing when to shut the fuck up is a great skill to have when you don't wanna get murdered in the woods. You can all practice that for the rest of the class.

[With that he takes his seat, kicks his feet up on the desk, and begins doodling on the back of a random book.]
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