Aug. 15th, 2012

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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, Dirk Strider, Suzaku Kururugi and Rakuen's computer system
Format: Prose to start, but idk what he's going to set off, so if it does something, tag however
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude, Conquest computer labs, computers in the Mayor's mansion
Summary: Lelouch is brute forcing his way into the computer system, and launching a DDoS attack against Exaclan. He has Suzaku and Lil Seb running software in Conquest and the Mayor's mansion respectively.
Warnings: Breaking the system
were makin this hapen )

[Posted at the same moment on the network, everyone seeing it from a different random dropped characters' account.] The system is undergoing maintenance. Please pardon any difficulties in the near future.

[Every character receives this individually, it's not posted publicly. Feel free to attempt to reply to it, or talk to each other. OR NOT AHAHAHAHA Info here: read!

Feel free to use this post as a reaction one maybe.]
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Characters: Cirno and whoever decides to try and understand her
This log is: OPEN
Location: Lakeside
Summary: Cirno is going to find out what just happened
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[First the message is in German, followed by the English translation, swine being replaced by "fuckers":]

I SWEAR TO GOD, If you SWINE caused any problems with Alice or my other projects, WE WILL HAVE ISSUES.

[About ten minutes later, there is another message, only in English. It is also unsigned, so it may or may not be from the same person.]

Way to break the system. Seems like the language translation systems are offline now. So, chaos can ensue, or something like that. Next time you should invite me to the party. If this lasts too much longer, we really need to get a list of who speaks what languages, right?

[[Just say which one you are replying to. They are separate ICly. Thank you!]]
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