Jan. 16th, 2013

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The room is featureless and grey. Formless. Oddly soft around the edges, it shifts and warps if you try to concentrate on any one piece of it. There are no doors or windows, or openings of any kind; you are alone. You cannot hear anything; it is not so much that there are no sounds, instead, the concept of sound itself seems to be lacking.

You've been here before, even if the memory of it is nothing but a fuzzy dream. And you are now here for a purpose. To help. You hold knowledge, you have been in Rakuen and though things are going wrong, you can make them better. Not for you perhaps, but for those who come after.

You have advice? Words of wisdom? A memory or a feeling you want to pass on. Now is your time.
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((OOC: This is the post for any characters who disappear during the course of the ending. As described here))

You finish your message, however long or short. Unlike the last time you were here you do not seem to have manifested a body, but the door opens regardless and you exit that grey room into the world outside...
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