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Fortitude: Round 5 Start

Once again Dolorosa stands on the stage with her four Prefects, Nanami is finally out of her coma and the three other Prefects stand on either side of her. It should be a familiar scene by now, Dolorosa smiling out over her students, but maybe she looked a bit happier than last round. That can only mean one thing...

"Hello, my students, another round has come to an end and another is starting anew. We were the victors of round 4 and just as you have in past rounds, won or lost, everyone fought well," she takes a moment to applaud her school, "I am so very proud of all of you, each of you are coming more and more accustomed to the school and excelling, even if you believe it to be unfair. With this unity you will all do great things here. Don't let me down."

"I hope you're all enjoying the bonus of extra Raks for winning the round, I suggest you all go out and buy yourself a treat, I am particularly fond of the chocolate that Recette sells in her shop, but you're not here to hear me talk about sweets, let us get to the battle records." behind her, as per usual, the Battle Records show up on the screen.

"I believe we had more Fortitude battles this round than any round past, but let us congratulate Nanashi for defeating Jade, Spain for beating Nanashi, Inui for defeating Spain, Dave for defeating Gamzee, and Jade for defeating Marisa."

The interschool battle records appear on screen, "For Inter-school battles we should congratulate Jade for defeating Cirno, Spain for defeating Suzaku, Nanashi for defeating Golbez, Spain for defeating Golbez, Dave for defeating Suzaku, Jade for defeating Suzaku, and Marisa for defeating Cirno,"

"Lastly, we should congratulate Dave, Jade, and Spain for winning the round," Dolorosa begins to applaud for all the victors.

"And without further ado, the Players for round 5 are:

Have a wonderful round!"

While the screen usually remains on the names those who are going to be Players for round time, it unexpectedly cuts over to the Conquest assembly. Dolorosa looks up at the screen and covers her mouth, she knows what's coming and knows that she doesn't want her students to witness it.

"Losing the round, as bad as it is. Is not what has made me angry today." Okay it was a big part of what had made her angry, but, "On Friday evening I was attacked, in my office. We have told you time and time again, it is not our fault you are here, taking your anger out on us is not necessary or smart." Her eyes glinted again, "I have my suspicions as to who my attacker is, and they will learn. That disobedience is met with punishment. That I cannot be threatened, and it is unwise to try." At that she turned to Flynn and he crumpled, her and Satana focused the warning penalty on him. The pain would be too much for him to stand or talk. It lasted for ten minutes,anyone who moved or talked was hit with a warning penalty strong enough to sink them to their knees. When it was over she stepped away from Flynn, who was curled up on the floor. It would be a few moments before he had the strength to stand. "Dismissed."

Throughout the broadcast Dolorosa tries to cut the stream but nothing works, Fortitude students won't be punished for moving or talking but it is still something she does no want them to witness.

"Please remain calm my students," she says in a shaky voice as the stream cuts out, "I'm sure everyone will be fine."

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