bubblymuffins: (flying straight)
Bubblecup ([personal profile] bubblymuffins) wrote in [community profile] rakuen2012-03-05 06:14 pm

[Video] - Accessible from the whole network

[On screen is a very exuberant pony. She's practically vibrating with excitement. And her eyes are crossed.]

Hi everypony! I'm Bubblecup! I'm from Ponyville-- Well, technically Cloudsdale because I'm a pegasus! See? [She flaps her wings haphazardly and lowers her head so she can show them off better.] But I mostly hang out in Ponyville. Well, before I got here to play this really fun game with you guys.

But I have a really important question! Are you ready for it? Everypony pay attention!--teehee I sounded like Cheerilee

Why are all of you walking on two legs, and can you teach me? I promise I'm a really quick learner! And I'll try not to bump into people too much. [Somehow that last sentence seems less than sincere.]

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