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So i suppose it would be good form to introduce myself on this thingamajig.
I must say its frightfully more complex than just the simple pesterchum messenger that im used to using which i sort of boondoggling considering how archiac these computers are.

In any case hello citizens of rakuen!
My name is jake english and i am now playing for fortitude.
I hope all of you lovely gents at conquest are prepared for a continuing losing streak!
All in good fun of course i mean no hard feelings but my best bro and i certainly aren't going down without kicking and scratching the whole way!!

Right then i understand that this is a day we use for our own shits and giggles.
Any ideas on what to occupy my time with?

[Replies will be in Text unless you don't want them to be. Let me know and I can drop the html!]
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Characters: Everyone who answers Lelouch's call and turns up at the arena
Format: all the formats
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle. Make your own sub threads, have fun!
Warnings: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle, so injury maybe death.
Time to fight... )
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As you all crowd onto the platform, all few of you, you are met by three girls and five boys, two of which are bizarre grey-skinned aliens. All eight are in uniforms that would match if not for the colour differences - skirts and trousers, waistcoats, and light summer shirts that seem totally inappropriate for the heavy clouds and cold drizzle. They're all sodden. Each has a beret with a crest pinned to the front - four depicting a shield, the other four a sword.

At the first lull in the chatter, one pale shield-crested girl speaks up, cutting through your conversations coldly.

"Attention please."

She explains that the eight of them are prefects, representing the two schools in Rakuen. Nanami, she points to herself, Yuri, Lelouch and Gamzee of Fortitude; and Santana, Flynn, Feferi and Gino of Conquest.

The girl called Santana interrupts, "Look assholes, I'm tired of doing this every week, just come to me when your name is called." They all move to stand in two groups some distance away from each other, and the two that spoke read off names.
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[Feferi is sitting on the grass outside the Conquest dorms, and the video from her PDA shows her fiddling with her bracelet. Unlike most, it has seven charms attached. Two of them don't belong to her by right, though they do by inheritance.

Those who know her and see her regularly would know she normally only wears three charms - one of her own, and the two she inherited - on her bracelet.]

There were four upgrades - the rest of mine for my weapon - anonymously sent to me. I'd like to thank the person that did it, though, really, you didn't have to. If there's some way I can repay you? Or at least thank you in person. I really appreciate it, though it was certainly a huge surprise.

I'm not sure what it means, battle-wise, to be fully unlocked, but I guess I'll find out.
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[Reimi can be seen in the Pale 1-A dorm, sitting properly on her bed. She pushes the video button on her PDA, takes a pause, and speaks]

I cannot believe I have forgotten to introduce myself! How rude of me...

Um, my name is Hanamori Reimi, but you may call me Reimi. I'm a student at Fortitude,and currently my player is Miss Dahlia. Um...I would like to make friends in this school and in Conquest. So...this is so odd...may I ask to make friends with you all?

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[ yeah he's been ordered to do this and wow is he unhappy about it. ]

An hour ago, someone in Rakuen went below zero raks. The penalty will now commence.

[ ooc: and because it just hit the hour, someone, randomly selected, is now subjected to five minutes of the warning penalty. This will happen every hour, on the hour, to a different person each time, until the person who triggered it has at least one rak. Volunteer here. The penalties will hit Kevin Smith, Feferi Peixes and Tear before it is stopped. ]
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Lelouch vi Britannia vs. Feferi Peixes

Weapons: Kotarou and Britannia vs Suzaku
Location: Grassy area near Fortitude's campus
Time of day: After class Monday

Emphasis on <i>try</i> )
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[Feferi's got an angry look - yes, angry - on her face when she gets on her PDA. Yeah, she's mad after what Day said. But her voice still manages to have a degree of cheer to it.]

Okay, everyone. I'm Feferi, and I'm one of the Players this round. There's one thing I don't believe in, and that's Discards. If you need a Player, just come find me, all right? We all need to stick together. That's the only way to get through this. Let's do what we can to make things better for each other.

[private to Suzaku Kururugi]

Suzaku. Want to keep up our partnership? I'm sorry I couldn't keep Day from getting pissed at you.

[private to Utena Tenjou]

Utena, it's Feferi. Do you have a Player? If not, I'd like to ask.
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Suzaku Kururugi vs.Dahlia Hawthorne

Weapons: Feferi Peixes and Lelouch vi Britannia
Location: Grassy area in town
Time of day: Directly after school

Suzaku and Feferi were waiting at the place they had agreed to meet Dahlia and Lelouch, although Suzaku was confident that he could win this he was nervous, as a trident was a weapon he had only used in practice. He looked to Feferi to check she was okay, and waited quietly for the others.
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did you motherfuckers know that bodies disappear?
without a trace.
i'd even say it's ...
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[Feferi is sitting on her bed in the Conquest dorms, flicking at the bracelet around her wrist. She's got two charms attached to it that she didn't have before. Purple tear tracks stain her cheeks, and her voice is scratchy from crying.] careful, Players and Weapons. It's possible to just disappear. Sollux Captor, my friend, not just a Weapon...he's not here anymore. I found a Memory Charm and an Upgrade on my pillow this morning.

[She flicks at the charms again.]

Idiot could have at least told me goodbye. Or told me how he was leaving. Or something. But just disappearing, leaving his things...a memory of his that it feels like I shouldn't have.

[She doesn't mean that.]
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Characters: PROFESSOR WEINBERG AND YOU. Yes all of you.
Format: ANY
This log is: v. v. open
Location: Conquest's Fashion classroom
Summary: I'll make a code geass cast member out of you. aka bring on the ruffles and cat-ear headbands.
Warnings: Gino.
this ain't a scene it's a train wreck )
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and school continues to decide that it must make itself known
that it is boring as balls
like i think ill go watch grass go
didnt get grass in a high rise apartment
so this endeavor might actually be interesting
fuck if i know
does anyone at this school
or the other school
actually want to fight???
im seriously so fucking game for a major strife right now
the whole shebang
its not like this will kill us or some shit
its like a friendly battle of chicken
except with holographic weapons
and itll probably still hurt like a bitch
but this is a serious problem
seek help
dave strider is apparently bored and asking for trouble
pdas are the shit
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Hello. My name is Feferi Peixes, and I am one of the Conquest Players.

I don't want there to be any Discards. It is a terrible thing! So. If you need a Player, please come talk to me. I live in Red B-2, and I can also be found in the computer lab a lot. I am the grey-skinned troll with the tiara.
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You're falling, and you can't remember why. It's a sickening feeling that makes your insides lurch; the darkness and the vertigo combine, and all you can think of is a story you heard once, somewhere.

Ah, I remember now. It's... a simple story that everyone knows. A legend of a Princess, the Demon Lord who kidnapped her, and the Knight who fought to save her. The Demon Lord had kidnapped the Princess countless times, but every time the Knight bested his challenges and rescued the Princess. No matter what tricks and ploys the Demon Lord used, the Knight would always triumph in the end. This was because--

The world tilts on its axis one last time, and the dream slips from your mind as easily as it arrived. A new voice intrudes on your sleep. Mechanical, monotonous.

"Next stop: Rakuen City. This train terminates here. The next stop is Rakuen. All change." The train rocks steadily as it winds its way through white drifts of now. Sunlight streams through the window, heating the air and making the seats almost uncomfortably warm. A puff of steam from the train winds its way lazily past the windows when the wind is right.

It's strangely difficult to shake off the sleep; the rhythm of the train seems to lull you back into slumber and the air is warm and heavy, making it hard to keep hold of a thought. Finally, though, the nausea settles, the last of the dream fades and you can take in your surroundings. And, perhaps more importantly, those around you in a similar state.

"We have arrived at Rakuen City. All passengers must leave the train. This train is terminating here. This is Rakuen."
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