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Calling for beta testers!

I've been working on a lovely little application for your PDAs. Are you tired of constantly checking the forums and networks to see if your friends won their fights? Want to check who your friend has vowed to, and if they've recently checked into the infirmary? There's an app for that!

Well, mostly. It's still a bit buggy, and doesn't have the fastest update time, but that's why I am seeking beta testers! I've decided to open six slots to players who are extremely active in the game. I need people who will use the program, and are willing to submit reports letting me know about crashes or other bugs that might come up.

Signing up will be first-come-first-served, with three slots open to each campus. The Beta is free, and upgrade to the official release will be at a 50% discount.

  1. Jade Harley
  2. Shion

  1. Lemina Ausa
  2. Flynn Scifo

I should probably write up some kind of EULA, but let it be known if anything happens to your PDA because of the program, I am not accountable. I'm also not accountable for what's done with the information, but I reserve the right to revoke program access without refund if I determine the information is being misused. All in all, I don't think there should be problems with the first part at least.

  • Check status of residents (Player, vowed and with whom, discard)
  • Check battle history
  • Be informed real-time about starts of battles.
  • Option to have changes in a weapon's status, battle starts, and/or battle results sent as notifications to your PDA
Features to come in future updates:
  • Lists of upgrades unlocked for each person
  • Linked partners, players with undead charms

((OOC: The program is going to have a bit of a lag, about 5 minutes between battle start and the actual notifications, and the same thing for the rest of the information. It'll crash every so often, especially during something like a tournament where there will be a lot of information changing. This will improve with time. When it comes out of Beta, the people who have it from this post will still have service for a round before they need to purchase the new release, though they get it at half off.))
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whichever you prefer
This log is: open
Location: Rakuen Public Library's media viewing room
Summary: Dirk shows off some 21st century cinematic masterpieces.
Warnings: Horrible movies. Swearing from Striders. The usual.
i cant wait to be a useless piece of shit all night and watch all these movies )
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Characters: Everyone!
Format: Whatever your heart desires!
This log is: Open party log!
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: On Saturday afternoon after the train arrives there is a festival and a presentation of the tournament winners!
Fun and games and trophies )
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its here!!!!!
prospit is here!
if you all want to come dream with me i would be really happy to show you how!
we have two moons now its so cool
there is this medallion you can buy from recette that lets you dream there
its the most amazing thing in the universe!!!!!!!!!!
the moon is the nicest place ever :D
dave, i have a surprise for you!
and sora and becca i have your dreaming things too!
we should meet up really soon!!!!


[ The video turns on to reveal a Jade that is grinning wider than any girl should legally be able to. She points at her hair. ]

I don't really know how long I spent on earth after all my friends got into SBURB, but I think it's close to my birthday at home. I'm fourteen! So for my birthday, I got my hair cut. I couldn't get the mats out, and I really like it short.

Dirk, will you wake me up in time for your movies? I don't want to miss them, but I want to sleep right away!
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[At 8AM on Friday there is a very unhappy looking Cirno showing up on the video feed. She did not want to do this but she had no other choice. It looks like she mumbles something but it's hard to see before she straightens up and stares into the camera, Her voice as authoritative as she could make it.]

Somebody in Rakuen has fallen below zero raks. The penalty will now commence.

[The first victim is Jade Harley (AU). From there, once every hour a different person will be selected for a five-minute warning penalty until Jadesprite has zero or more raks. In order, the following victims include 9AM: Golbez, 10AM David Strider, 11AM Stellaluna, 12NOON: Dave Strider AU, 1PM Dirk Strider, 2PM Jane Crocker

As each victim is affected, they will appear on the Exaclan viewing screens and on computers connected to the network. Feel free to thread that out here, or in a new post if you would prefer.

There is no IC indication of who the culprit is unless she confesses to it herself.
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Lemina had had a pretty boring Rest Day. She had slept in and missed the new arrivals, but it didn't look like anyone she knew was there anyway, which was mega-lame. Sooo she didn't really care.

Early in the evening, she headed into the cafeteria for dinner. Once she had some food loaded up on her tray, she looked for a place to sit. Huh. Was that... A bat?

(( She's sitting by Stellaluna for something we have planned, but anyone else can feel free to ambush Lemina on her way to the cafeteria, in the line for food, or whatever. ))
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[ Lemina isn't one to just give money away, but something has to be done. Anyone could be next. She could be next! And she really really doesn't want that!

She makes a video post shortly after the pony goes down. ]

H-hey! Whoever's responsible for this, why aren't you saying anything? Look, I've got a lot of money, and I'll... [ She chokes. This just isn't in her nature. ] I'll loan you some, okay? However much you need! Just say the word, okay?
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[ Lemina can be seen glaring angrily into the camera. ]

Hnnn, come on, you guys! We're never gonna win if we just sit around! We need to kick some Fortitude butt!

Hey! Any Fortitude players out there want to fight me? I'm not gonna go easy on you, so bring it on! Let's do this! I really, really don't want to deal with that stupid headache again this Sunday!
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Characters: Day and Conquest Students
Format: Whatever you wish
This log is: Open class post!
Location: Poison lab
Summary: Week eight poison class: How to avoid being poisoned (aka Poison identification). Open to all. If your character is new they will just be thrown into the deep end!
Warnings: Mentions of poison, frank discussion of death etc
They had all proved already that they had no talent in poison detection... )
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[personal profile] xroyal_bratx this thing on?! Jeez...this place got some funny ruelle mirrors. Let me get this straight. First off this isn't a whacky dream, second off I can't remember a load of things that I should and three, what is this I'm hearing about fighting?

I mean I got an explanation and all but c'mon you can't expect a girl to totally understand that right?

....I can't even remember what I was suppose to be doing before getting's freaky.

[ whine, whine complain. That's how it works with Ishtar... ]

[ ooc: hopefully this sounds right ;A; ]


May. 9th, 2012 05:49 pm
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Rose Lalonde disappeared earlier today.

I'm totally keeping this mega sweet Sonar upgrade she dropped, but does anyone want this memory charm? It's about her mom.

[ Lemina Ausa: The sweetest person. ]


May. 9th, 2012 08:26 pm
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[Yuki smiles nervously at the screen]

Hello everyone, I haven't yet vowed to a Player yet and, well, it's my first time being a discard. It's a bit harder than I thought it would be, so if anyone would like a Katana with the upgrades Dexterity Boost, Wind Damage, Infinite Bond, Defense Boost, Paralysis, Yo-Yo, Debt Collection, Galdr Bliss, and Bliss, and wouldn't mind giving me my rights, I will gladly fight for you.

Now that I got that out of the way, would anyone be up for a picnic sometime this week? It's getting warmer and I think we should spend more time outside, it could be a lot of fun. If people are interested we can pick a day and have it after class, we had one once before but it could be a nice tradition if people are interested.

[Yuki got a bit nervous half way through and began repeating herself, whoops, she's just not used to asking for a Player!]
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[ Closed to Red 2-A; Cornelia & Nunnally (as I believe Spaces is hiatus'd?) ]

[ Lemina is a sound sleeper. So sound, in fact, that when the alarm she set for 8AM Sunday morning goes off blaring, she doesn't stir at all.


[ Open to all of Red dorm ]

[ It's 11:30. The assembly starts at noon. And Lemina has just gotten up and needs to shower and get dressed and eat something and oh darn it!

The others in her building might notice her scampering to and fro trying to make breakfast in the common room, stomping her feet when she finds the showers are all occupied, etc. ]
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So i suppose it would be good form to introduce myself on this thingamajig.
I must say its frightfully more complex than just the simple pesterchum messenger that im used to using which i sort of boondoggling considering how archiac these computers are.

In any case hello citizens of rakuen!
My name is jake english and i am now playing for fortitude.
I hope all of you lovely gents at conquest are prepared for a continuing losing streak!
All in good fun of course i mean no hard feelings but my best bro and i certainly aren't going down without kicking and scratching the whole way!!

Right then i understand that this is a day we use for our own shits and giggles.
Any ideas on what to occupy my time with?

[Replies will be in Text unless you don't want them to be. Let me know and I can drop the html!]
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Characters: Vriska Serket [OU] and YOU!
Format: Action but I'll match!
This log is: open
Location: EVERYWHERE. First prompt will be locked to her roommates but the second one is open to everyone.
Summary: Vriska's woken up from her sleep coma and is ready to fuck some shit up. Aka figure out how long she's been sleeping and what's been going on while she's been wasting time her blanket cocoon.
Warnings: Vriska is a warning all her own. Probably just language, maybe some violence idk.
embrace reality )
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Characters: Lemina Ausa and YOU
Format: Either/or
This log is: open, both to old characters and newbies
Location: The tower in the arena
Summary: Lemina explores the tower.

With that tower unlocked and ripe for entering, Lemina wasn't about to pass it up. What if there was gold or treasure in there? Or, you know, a way home. On Saturday afternoon, sometime after the train had arrived, Lemina entered the tower to look around.

The weapons littering the floor were the first thing that caught her eye. That was... a little disturbing. Cautiously, she picked up a sword -- she'd gotten sort of okay with them since she'd arrived, though she didn't stand a chance against one of the more experienced fighters here -- and proceeded through the tower.
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Characters: Everyone who answers Lelouch's call and turns up at the arena
Format: all the formats
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle. Make your own sub threads, have fun!
Warnings: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle, so injury maybe death.
Time to fight... )
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