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Rakuen is warm in the noon sun, not humid enough to be uncomfortable but bright enough to make the transition from train to platform momentarily disorienting. There is a group there to meet you: on one side, four students in black and green; on the other, four in red and white. Whilst the green group are all fairly average; all teenagers, the red group are a tad more varied. One of their girls is tiny, the size of a small child, and her wings are beating patterns in the warm air.

When they notice the arrivals, one out of each group steps forward. A young man in red and white looking serious steps forward

"Excuse me." A second boy, with long hair dressed in green and black is just behind him. He explains that they're all prefects of Rakuen, from the two battle schools on the island. Fortitude - the long haired boy and the others dressed in green - and Conquest. They all arrived just like you did, weeks or months before this.

"I know you have many questions but first please come to the person who calls your name."

He looks down on his list to double check "For Conquest Kaoru Hitachiin and Yosuke Hanamura."

"If I call your name," the green-clad boy had stepped forward again, "it means you're with Fortitude: Rose Lalonde and Sora Himoto."
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Characters: Dave Strider and everyone ever
Format: Any/Whatever
This log is: Open
Location: Mostly Pool; But eventually Black 2-A
Summary: Despite being told otherwise, Dave still goes to work. He ends up buying memory charms and heads over to the pool to try and swim a little. Swimming at this time of year is stupid. Dave thinks this is incredibly stupid.
Warnings: Sad attempts at swimming, stupid Striders, feelings everywhere, language, and whatever labels you can attach to a Strider, maybe mentions of death

Let the tide swallow me whole )


Apr. 28th, 2012 06:34 am
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okay so
took a little impromptu nap there
orange sleeping beauty woken up by a slobbery kiss from the frog prince himself
my entire face will break out in warts and zits
just like the pizzafaced kid in the back of everyones class photo
hit puberty little too early
sprouting up like a weed
bones twisting and metamorphosing into a teenage butterfly
pitch dropping with his testicles and hair growing in places no one wants to see
thanks for that one rakuen
my glorious visage marred by the trademark of growing up
just like halloween

you all better get in line cause
im brewing a goddamn cauldron full of bubble and trouble and its first come first serve
this shit is nasty once its cold and not in a good way
no reserves no holding off
just the wafting fucking aroma of stale farts
basically im tooty after gruntilda got through with her and im bitter as hell about it
going to cause some bonafide mischief now that im back
in the form of a potion that makes you shit your pants
but shh shh you didnt hear it from me

so yeah
back to my personal sleepless hell
sup guys im just feeling fresh and REfreshed
ready to take on the endless day and night once again
looking forward to that

cant be assed to read over all of this forum post shit so
what did i miss

[[ back after some hiatus. davesprite was in a coma during most of this, feel free to handwave any interactions there. no need to consult me! & replies will be in orange unless you opt out! ]]
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Characters: Rose & Nanami
Format: Prose
This log is: closed
Location: Nanami's room, prefect dorms
Warnings: Fighting
wittiness wittiness haa haa hoo hoo )
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Characters: Everyone who answers Lelouch's call and turns up at the arena
Format: all the formats
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle. Make your own sub threads, have fun!
Warnings: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle, so injury maybe death.
Time to fight... )
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[The first thing you notice is that the video feed is shaking slightly. It's mostly pointed up towards the ceiling, but you can see Dave's back as he seems to be hunched over something at his desk. There's a crap ton of wire taped over the ceiling of his bed and area, photos being hung with clothespins fro them. Generally speaking, it seems that Dave has settled into his dorm, and it's starting to get a little messy. Hopefully no one in his dorm minds that his shelves are covered with, what looks to be, some dead animals preserved strangely. There's a few bugs encased in tree sap and he even has a jar with...well you aren't sure what it is from the video feed.

The next thing you know is that there's some music playing. It isn't anything that the locals are playing at the little post dungeon party, but something you'd hear at a club. Dave is swaying back and forth to the music, his foot tapping to the beat and his head bobbing slightly. He finally pulls the headphones off his ears, so they can rest around his neck. Dave gets up from his seat and makes his way over, turning off the feed. A minute or two later though, there's some text.

my friends
is how music should be done

[If you live in the Black dorms, you might notice your walls are shaking and constantly hearing his music. Well, sucks to be you. It doesn't seem like he's stopping anytime soon.]

[Failed Private Lock to Jade Harley, John Egbert, and Rose Lalonde.]

lets go swimming
oh gdi
that was supposed to be private
lets do this
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Oh no you don't! Arthur England Kirkland, you get your butt back here right now and give me back that upgrade I bought you! You don't get to mysteriously disappear and waste all that money I spent on you!

Mega bogus, you guys! Don't you think we should all get refunds if people vanish after you spent good money on them?!

((OOC: Sorry for the obnoxious font, she's been talking to Dave too much.))
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uh, okay, i think i passed out and then woke up in the nurse's office or something.
and i have a hell of a headache.
what happened?

[sent to Dave's PDA]

lol, hey man.
why the hell were you singing to me in text?
you're a dumbass.
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1. Open. CRASH. On the first floor of the Black Dorm, a window breaks and Rose Lalonde falls through it. She wonders vaguely why the place doesn't have an open entrance; she searched the building's whole exterior, after all. She picks herself up and starts feeling along the wall. Somehow she's going to have to find Dave's room.

2. Closed to Daenerys. Having navigated to the second floor, she eventually (with a little help) finds the correct room. Someone in here witnessed Dave's death, and she intends to find out who.

3. Open to prefects. Rose leaves the way she came, more hurriedly now in order to avoid any patrolling prefects. This also makes her more likely to run into someone.

[ OOC: Regarding #1, Rose has forgotten how doors work. Action or prose is fine! ]
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Characters: Louis and Fortitude students/sneaky Conquest students/lost teachers/okay, anyone
Format: Either
This log is: open
Location: Music room
Summary: Louis attempts to teach a class about music despite having forgotten how to play his own trumpet.
Warnings: May contain hideous screeching noises when Louis attempts to play his trumpet.
He's no Armstrong, but he should be able to handle it. )
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might be moving asl lessons around a bit
i guess this is a
what day do you think is best??? input
i considered saturday but like half of us work
i work on saturdays
but theres no point in making this on a day where you guy cant make it
so i guess
for a day
and a time
inb4 after school
im not stupid numbnuts
also its just gonna be just me next meeting most likely
egbert seems to be taking an extensive all paid trip to the land of dreams and fuck you im not waking up
whoops sorry
mr nice guy is sleeping
you have to deal with my tyranny until hes back online
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[Oh look some serious-looking glasses girl staring at the webcam like she has a problem with it. She is probably going to start yelling at you all. She looks like she wants to yell at you all, or at least say things very sternly.

Instead she starts waving her arms and hands around.]

[Hello. My name is Shizune Hakamichi, and it seems I'm one of many people captive here. Personally, I find this whole situation unacceptable. While I admit the Exaclan system sounds a little fun, considering it's being forced upon us, as well as the player-weapon system, it's just atrocious. Having a majority of the population being subject to the whims of the few who can grant them rights is practically a tyranny.] [Her impassioned "speech" is such that you can hear her arms cut through the air as she swishes them around while she signs] [And worst of all, our very minds themselves have been violated! I'm finding myself unable to recall important parts of my life, and who knows what else I'm not even aware I'm missing. And on top of what's happening here, what about at home? I'd just come back from a vacation, so Student Council matters were already piling up, what do you think is going to happen if I'm gone even longer? I trust Hisao and Misha to manage admirably in my absence, but the burden is simply too much to bear without my leadership.] [A pause] [Well, I'd love to be proven wrong on that statement, but that's beside the point. I have a lot more important things to do than be fooling around with some kind of inter-school rivalry in an overly-complex and admittedly fun-looking high-stakes but probably rights-violating game over memories that shouldn't be missing in the first place. I demand to speak with whoever is in charge!]

[And now that she's done waving her arms around like the conductor of the world's most indignant orchestra, she types up a text version of what she justHAHAHA NO SHE DOESN'T. SORRY, IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIGN LANGUAGE, ALL YOU'RE GETTING FROM THIS IS SOME ANGRY CHICK WAVING HER HANDS AROUND LIKE A MANIAC. Feel free to text her back though.]
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Characters: Suzaku and Rose
Format: Prose? Unless you want action
This log is: Closed
Location: Red dorm 1-A
Summary: Now Kevin is a prefect it is just Suzaku and Rose in their dorm. Late at night shenanigans and general getting to know you.
Warnings: Who even knows. Probably not.
Sneaking in late )
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Characters: Arthur and Conquest students
Format: Action or prose.
This log is: open
Location: In his class room
Summary: Crime solving class!
Warnings: Possible violence?
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Something really mega weird is going on here! Okay, first, I can't use my magic, and what good is the junior premiere of Vane's magic guild if she can't use magic?! At first I thought I was just low on energy for some reason, but I still can't use it even after a good night's sleep. I'm no better than a commoner!

Second! Second, when I realized I couldn't use magic here I knew I had to get out of this place. I tried walking away from the city on the train tracks, and I blacked out for some reason and wound up back in my bed. And then, I tried swimming away and for some reason I suddenly couldn't breathe and I blacked out again! And this ring [ she holds it up to the screen ] was there on the table next to my bed! What was that all about?!

...Whatever. At least I won this round, so that psycho headmistress doesn't have any reason to get mad at me. But what the heck is going on?!

(( Among Lemina's missing memories: "People can't breathe underwater" and "A person's worth is not determined by their magical ability." Fun times. ))
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Characters: Dave Strider and Rose Lalonde
This log is: Closed
Location: Somewhere in the town. Park? Lmfao I'm terrible at this
Summary: There's something relieving about having your Derse sibling here, despite being in the opposite school. Dave finally tells someone else what happened on Saturday.
Warnings: Talk about death and drowning, Derse siblings being Derse siblings, trying to talk to someone who's blind when you're mute, these warnings need its own warning, Kim warnings, SRS BZNS
To Breathe Easy for Awhile )
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