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Characters: Yuka Kazami [AU], Sanae Kochiya and Cirno
Format: Any?
This log is: Closed
Summary: Practice makes perfec- Okay no. Makes the fairy a bit better at fighting.
Warnings: Crazyness and Derpyness ahoy?
This should prove interesting )
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Rakuen is warm in the noon sun, not humid enough to be uncomfortable but bright enough to make the transition from train to platform momentarily disorienting. The group greeting you is rather large, but also rather uneven - on one side, ten students in black and green; on the other, five in red and white. Whilst the green group are all fairly average, all teenagers other than the tiny, frail woman leading them, the red group are a tad more varied. One of their girls is tiny, the size of a small child, and her wings are beating patterns in the warm air. At the other side of the group, a warlike man looms over his comrades.

When they notice the arrivals, one out of each group steps forward. A lively teenager with ridiculously long red hair is the first to speak.

"Excuse me! Over here!" That's all she's contributing for now, her counterpart steps forward from the red group to continue. He explains, more calmly, that they're all prefects of Rakuen, from the two battle schools on the island. Fortitude - the girl in green waves - and Conquest. They all arrived just like you did, weeks or months before this.

"Please," he finishes, holding up a clipboard. Which seems rather unnecessary given how few names he has to read, "Come forward when we call your name, and we can answer your questions. I'm sure you have many."

As the Conquest prefect, he reads, "For Conquest school: Yuka Kazami," and leaves it at that.

"I'm Sora," the girl adds, "We're from Fortitude. Come ask us anything, even if I don't read your name! Let's see... Asagi, Juri Arisugawa, and Shion."
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