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Smile 002 || Accidental Video

[Cheshire is laying on his back with a few raks on his stomach. Sure it's strange, but it becomes troublesome when he picks one up... and tosses it right into his mouth!] Hmmm, dry.
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Mister Cat! You shouldn't eat those!
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Super-absolutely not!
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Bats are really nutritious and don't get stuck in your throat!
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Aww, you can catch them? Lucky. I had to find mine on the ground.
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So you're saying I should get night-vision?
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I don't think the money tastes nice. [Talking cat... doesn't phase Merlin at all.] You should probably use it to buy food instead.
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I am sure you can buy tea with it too.
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I don't know what croquet is, or a flamingo.
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[He grins, it's a bit like talking to the dragon, this cat that doesn't say anything straight up.] I still don't know what a flamingo is.
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What does it look like? What does it do?
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[Blink. Blink.] FlAming like flamingo?
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I don't know.
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Recette is correct Cheshire, I don't recommend eating the raks.

[And now talking cats eating money, she was pretty sure the last mayor had it easy.]
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Aye, there is that. [Argh why is this cat talking like a Source, can cats even be sources?] Was there a reason for eating it?
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[Dunleavy paused for a moment, remembering something Karish had said. Curiosity kills the cat she had put it down as another nonsensical thing that her Source came out with, but in this case.

She pushed the thought away because she missed Karish and it was distracting.]
Did you learn what you wanted?
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And what is that? [Talking to him like a child, or a Source.]
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How did you learn tea from a rak?
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Aye [Yeah she is just going to treat him like she does Karish when he is in one of his most source like moods.] But not a tasty snack so don't eat them.
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Yes, no tea...