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Characters: Everyone and all
Format: Whatever you like
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: The final assembly and the start of the final week of Rakuen begins. Players are announced as normal yet something is not right.
|Round 19 begins... )


Oct. 20th, 2012 09:47 pm
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[Have a Santana on your screens looking forever bored. You should know the drill by now.]

Anyone up for having another Glee club meeting? This time we should actually sing something, I know, that sounds a bit challenging for all of you, but I think it's something we can manage. With enough incentive by me of course.

I'm open for song suggestions though. Don't hold back.
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As Sunday dawned students would once again be informed via screens that all students were to report to the battle arena for a joint assembly. Worrying considering the events of last week.

However once the prefects had escorted the last of the students into the battle arena and Dunleavy came to the stage she smiled.

"Greetings, I hope everyone had a good round. I am pleased to announce that Conquest won this round, I hope you spend your extra raks wisely. Congratulations to those who won battles both within their schools; Suzaku Kururugi, Ein and Jack Noir of Conquest and Rebecca Harcourt, Nanami Asagi and Merlin of Fortitude."

She smiled again glad to be reporting good news for once instead of bad, "Also to those who won interschool battles; Arthur Pendragon and Yuka Kazami both of Conquest. No one won the round but do not be dismayed, the winning conditions are meant to challenge you and I am sure you will all do even better in future."

So far there seemed to be no reason why this assembly was here and not in the schools as usual but Dunleavy continued.

"This next week shall be the fourteenth round since you began to arrive, you have all worked very hard regardless of whether you arrived fourteen weeks ago or just last week. This next week is therefore a chance for you to relax and have fun, catch up on school work and let your hair down. There shall be no school and no required battling. I do however expect you to behave yourselves." Certain members of the audience got a level look at that.

"Some of you have been selected to go on a school trip, I am sure you will have a lot of fun, and make many new friends whilst reforging old bonds." Again as sometimes happened with Dunleavy she spoke as if she were reading, her voice flat. Names came up on the screen and she read them aloud.

Suzaku Kururugi
Flynn Scifo
Arthur Pendragon
Cheshire Cat
Vanezio Lykastis
Yuka Kazami
Hikaru Hitachiin
Kaoru Kitachiin
Yosuke Hanamura

Rebecca Harcourt
Yuri Lowell
The Holy Empire of Britannia
Sora Himoto
Alex Furest
Komachi Onozuka
Nanami Asagi
Brittany Speares
Jules de Ferrier
Sora Himoto
Juri Arisugawa"

The list was longer than a usual player list and when she was finished Dunleavy turned back to the audience. "If your name has been called out you have one hour to gather your things, clothes suitable for traveling will be on your bed and there is a packed lunch for everyone in the common rooms of your dorms to eat on the train. If your have extra warm clothes or coats please bring them as it may get cool especially at night. Once you are ready please report to the train station."
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As classes continue on Friday the weather gets continuously worse until teachers announce that the last class will be cancelled. Screens display the message that all students must report to their dorms but power outages and flickers render them mostly ineffectual. Prefects are instead sent out, armed with waterproofs to make sure all students make it back to their dorms.

Thunder crashes and lightning lights up the sky as the lights flicker and the wind gets steadily louder. Students are required to remain inside, prefects are sent round with snacks and all prepare themselves for a long, wet and windy afternoon.


Aug. 8th, 2012 08:23 pm
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So I guess we know now what happens when you sacrifice three corpses to the tower.

Everyone might just want to stay out of the tower in the arena until this is cleared up. If you go in, you wind up in a mirror boss fight with a shadow version of yourself.

If you leave and go back in, it keeps happening. I wound up fighting mine four times just to make sure. But on the plus side, if you beat it there's a chance it'll drop a memory charm. I got three of them, all from, like, alternate universe mes. I don't know if that's universal or not. Anyone else have data they'd like to submit?

[ Filtered to Jake English ]

Something I need to run by you, bro.

((OOC: After consulting with the mods: A memory charm definitely drops after the first fight; on each subsequent fight, there's a 50% chance of a charm dropping.))
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[Cheshire is laying on his back with a few raks on his stomach. Sure it's strange, but it becomes troublesome when he picks one up... and tosses it right into his mouth!] Hmmm, dry.
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Characters: Everyone!
Format: Whatever your heart desires!
This log is: Open party log!
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: On Saturday afternoon after the train arrives there is a festival and a presentation of the tournament winners!
Fun and games and trophies )
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Characters: Dunleavy and Fortitude students
Format: Whatever you want
This log is: open class post
Location: Fortitude's sports hall
Summary: Rakuen's mayor, Dunleavy, on Dolorosa's invitation has come to teach bench dancing
Warnings: None
Time to dance... )
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My request was as simple as you can get, and you still fucked it up.
I even narrowed it down for you so you would have zero chance of getting it wrong.
What did you do? Did you grab one who was awake even though I specifically said not to?
Or were you lying about that "willingness" bit? I wouldn't be surprised if you were, but if you staff members seriously expect us to trust you it'd behoove you to be more honest.

[ private message to Davesprite ]

Do you have an extra Conquest uniform?

(( Replies will be in orange unless you'd rather I didn't. Also, anyone entering Black 2-A might notice a crate containing a spare Dirk, sans Kamina glasses. He's dead. ))
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Characters: Everyone! All of you! Old characters, New characters, heroes of the dungeon or those who drowned in frogs!
Format: Whatever your heart decides
This log is: Party post! The most open!
Location: Battle arena and streets around it, rest day afternoon after the train arrives
Summary: The first dungeon has been defeated! The townspeople celebrate with a party
Warnings: Shouldn't be except for mentions of dungeon stuff, but add in the subject lines if there are any

Time to celebrate! )
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whatever your heart desires
This log is: open
Location: Everywhere (for this day only all may leave campus, including discards! As long as they are back by 9pm!)
Summary: RED DAY
Warnings: Red Day Shenanigans


1. Giving someone food made with love
2. Giving someone flowers
3. Giving someone a gift
4. Going on a date
5. Giving an apple to your esteemed rival!
6. Throwing an apple at your esteemed rival! With all the force of your youth!
7. Reciting beautiful poetry to your esteemed rival!
8. Ditto ballads
9. Ditto rock anthems from the roof of the gym
10. Presenting your rival with a candy heart, lovingly rendered in full size sugar and syrup, and apparently modeled after the heart of a great warrior from ages past. It beats! Now available from Rakettear.
11. Apologizing to your rival profusely for the handmade abomination they are unwrapping
12. Boggling vacantly at the above.

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Characters: Aisha Clanclan and . . . the Mayor?
Format: Prose, I guess?
This log is: Closed
Location: The mayor's house.
Summary: Aisha decides to take another visit to off-limits property. Man, that's popular with the White 1-A crowd.
Warnings: Not that I can think of?
Just a pleasant social call . . . honest. )
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Characters: Golbez, Dunleavy
Format: Whichever
This log is: closed
Location: Dunleavy's mansion
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