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Assembly [Both Schools]

By Sunday morning the translation system was back online. Signs were readable to everyone and each screen ordered students to the Battle Arena for 12 noon. Prefects were sent out to make sure no one leaves the campus until that time and then gathered up everyone to take to the battle arena.

Once everyone was seated, the prefects taking up the first two rows, the staff appeared. All of them looked grim; even Recette who's usually cheery face was gone, Dolorosa had an expression usually worn by Santana. As they came to stand in a row in front of the students, it was Dunleavy that stepped forward.

"As I am sure you are all aware, yesterday there was an attack on the Exaclan system and the city of Rakuen itself. I first would like to apologise for the inconvenience and the amount of time it took to get the system working again. Luckily there was no permanent damage."

That was the easy bit, Lee blinked, they hadn't had any sleep at all, working until the early hours to help repair the system. Considering the six of them did not share a common language, it had been a difficult process. The next bit was harder; she hated punishing people. She always felt like she had no right to. But she did, she had taken on that right and responsibility when she became mayor and this was a serious attack.

Perhaps they had been too soft with them, experimentation and trying to cheat was one thing. But this was an entirely different category.

"We have, of course discovered the perpetrators of this crime." She nodded, sending Santana and Nanami to collect Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch vi Britannia from the stands. They were both prefects which was disappointing. Lee would have hoped they would know better.

"Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi were both found to be the ones that began the attack." Though she had a feeling she knew which one had had the idea. The other didn't seem intelligent enough.

At least they were responsible for each others wrong doings, and so Lee didn't have to punish an innocent.

"You have both been found guilty of attacking the city of Rakuen." She paused, because giving the accused a chance to speak was considered civilised in most worlds and cultures.
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Lelouch's defense

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His expression was controlled, but inside he was roiling with rage. When he was presented with Nunnally's hair this morning, he knew exactly who had a message for him. He turned toward the gathered students briefly, but then partly back toward the people gathered. As he started to speak, he paced back and forth, using all of his rhetorical skill on this particular event. Those that knew the difference would see more dynamism than the cold, stern Emperor had, but not as over the top as Zero was. "The question I have for you, Dunleavy, Dolorosa, and Day, is if I am being punished today because I have done something wrong, or because I am simply standing against the system we are a part of. A system that routinely allows those that have power to use it against that don't just for their entertainment. And, to further add to this injustice, all of those that are able to do this are people that were just like us, once. Those that seem to have forgotten why they sought their own escape. They have either forgotten, or choose to ignore, any sense of standing up for what is right they may have had. Any goals they may have had for theselves, their friends, or for their worlds seem to be laid to the wayside in favor of the promotion of a puppetmaster's strings.

"So, I am here to state this unequivocally: There is nothing you will do to me, or to Suzaku, no amount of threats that can be made against the innocents I love, that will stop me from sending everyone here, and all of those trapped souls in those towers back to their homes. Kill me, put me through an entire day's worth of the worst pain the six of you combined are capable of inflicting upon me. None of it will stop me. Your tools are powerless. I have sacrificed things far more precious to me than my own life in the pursuit of destroying a corrupt world. There is only one thing that will be made clear by what you are doing today. That you value the integrity of a depraved "game" over the happiness, safety, and well-being of your fellow captives. You do not punish me today. You are placing yourself on a side that will receive no quarter. You punish the hope that so many have that they'll be able to see the people they love back home someday." He simply spread his arms out wide when he finished, as if to give then their cue. He made eye contact with each of the women on the stage when he came to a specific accusation for that particular individual. Santana and Day's enjoyment; Dolorosa's rebellion; Nanami's threats against Nunnally. And he endeavored similarly with the crowd as he talked, but he didn't even come close to Nunnally or anyone near her. So he left it to them.

Their decision hadn't changed. When the punishment hit him, he gave an initial shout from shock of the intensity and fell to his knees. After that one sound, he refused to give the satisfaction of any more. He curled up into himself, squeezing his fists tightly against the stage floor. Slivers under his nails were among the least of his worries. He tried to control his breathing. He bit down onto his first knuckle to keep himself quiet. He tasted copper but he didn't care. Oh, it was agony. Worse than when he'd woken up to find a hole in his chest. Tears came involuntarily down his cheeks, under the shaggy mess of hair he wore.

And then, when it was over, he wiped his mouth with the base of his thumb. He wiped the rest of his face with his sleeve before he finally lifted his head and pushed his hair out of his face. It was hard to keep that cold look on his face as he got back, shakily, to his feet. It was only then that he found Nunnally's eyes. He gave her a slight nod, to tell her he was okay. He just prayed she could stay quiet for Suzaku's punishment, too.
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Re: Lelouch's defense

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[not happy. that's the gist of Nunnally's feelings right now. she hadn't meant for this to happen, she didn't want to see her brother suffer, but she had still... consented, somewhat, to Nanami's request. but she felt horrible now, and tried to not avoid meeting her brother's eyes. it was difficult, to have to choose sides. again. she was the empress, she couldn't just step aside.

finally she looked away. he wasn't all right. she knew that. she knew that whatever he did, he... didn't do it to harm anyone. she wanted to get out just as well as anyone else. but the ways her brother employed to find the right way wasn't always to her liking.

that's why she'd helped. and that's why she now also wasn't sure what to do. seeing her closest people get punished was difficult enough. she didn't want to watch it at all]
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Suzaku said nothing, because Lelouch was saying enough for both of them combined. He wasn't as convinced that they were on the side of good. However he trusted Lelouch, just like zero requiem whatever they did. No matter how much it hurt others, it would all be worth it in the end for Lelouch would bring the system down. Suzaku had no doubt about it.

It made what was happening easier to bear. Lelouch had a plan and Suzaku could take the pain, he could even watch Lelouch's pain if it meant they were closer to achieve their goals. He remained silent through Lelouch's punishment, staring forwards though his hands curled into fists by his sides.

He braced himself when his name was called but it didn't stop him falling a moment later. He remained on one knee, doubled over in pain. His breathing was ragged and he bit through his lip in an effort not to scream.

By the end he had fallen completely, cheeks damp where tears had come involuntarily. Once it was over he stood staring forward again, trying to hide the shaking.

He watched the rest of the assembly impassively and he didn't do more than blink when the next part of their punishment was announced and he came up on the player list. It would make things more complicated but they had probably deserved it.

It remained to be seen whether it was worth it.
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After everything was over...

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Suzaku was a Player? Wasn't this entertaining. And watching poor Jake take twice as much as they'd each individually taken once was rough. His resolve hasn't changed at all.

But he approached Suzaku, who, for his merit, was just as stubborn about taking the punishment as he had been. Before they were each ushered back to their respective campuses. "...Suzaku."
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Suzaku's frown had gotten darker through Jake's punishment, it was unfair that he had had nothing to do with anything and been punished twice over.

Before he was swept away by the crowd he heard his name and stepped closer to Lelouch. "Yes?"
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Re: Lelouch's defense

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Later- much later, when everyone was leaving the assembly, Alex walks over to Lelouch only long enough to whisper to him, "c-count me in n-next time. I live in pale 1-A right now."

He kept his head straight and his eyes away from Lelouch, busying himself on his PDA, just enough to look fairly natural- the main thing that might give him away is that for those who knew him, he could seem a little too natural.
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After the assembly

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Yuka wandered over to Lelouch, absently noting the mark that had already appeared on his hand. He must be linked to someone...

For the moment, at least, she didn't say anything. She just stood and watched, apparently examining his face.
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Re: After the assembly

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Staying upright was a challenge. His legs didn't really want to cooperate. But stubbornness kept him up enough to at least playact at it against the wall. He ran a thumb over the mark on his hand. His mind was calm, for once. He didn't have the energy for anger right now.

Lelouch's body called out for rest. So he decided to take the chance. He pushed off the wall and started back toward Fortitude's campus. His path would take him right past Yuka. He wasn't feeling up for much conversation.
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Re: After the assembly

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Unfortunately for Lelouch, Yuka wasn't likely to leave him be without a bit of conversation, though she didn't plan to delay him for long.

She'd had the tip of her parasol grounded while she waited; now she unfurled it and shaded herself with it as she walked next to him.

"Your goals sound noble enough," she began. "But I do wonder one thing... What makes you so sure that the system you attacked is an enemy to your goals, and not a tool that can aid you in pursuing them?"
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Re: After the assembly

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He seemed to be getting through to people. That was fortunate, though not unexpected. That had been a part of his plan, anyway.

"The system of battles and the opening of towers is intended to remove the current generation while ushering in another. Our Headmistresses, Head Prefects, the mayor, and the shopkeeper were a part of a session that had reached the end goal. But some had to stay behind for another session while everyone else presumably left for home. I will not allow that cycle to continue. I have no home to return to. I am dead at home. For others, that is not the case." His voice was quiet, obviously exhausted. But he could engage this for the moment.
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Re: After the assembly

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"And yet, the only result of your actions seems to have been to cause pain and leave confusion and incomprehension in your wake." Yuka would be pretty bitter about the latter even if it weren't for the former. To say the timing had been bad would be an understatement. "There are too many mysteries here for me to be comfortable with such a course."
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