Jan. 27th, 2012

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Dave Strider vs. Suzaku Kururugi

Weapons: Vriska Serket and Homura Akemi
Location: Battle Arena
Time of day: Afternoon(After School)

Honestly, Dave was beginning to think being Player to all these girls was kind of cumbersome. Why did they all have to have so many friends? Jegus christ, it's like suddenly he has to find all their friends from Conquest and try to get them back. He's not all that miffed though. If gave him something to do, and a little friendly fighting wasn't bad right?

It's why Dave is standing at the Battle Arena in town, waiting for Suzaku. He didn't really talk to Suzaku before. He was vaguely aware that the guy wasn't so bad.

Dave only got in contact because Madoka got in contact with Homura and it just went from there. He did tell Vriska he intended to fight with her, so here it was. Maybe it'll shut her up and he doesn't have to be around her being so insufferable for a little bit. Dave didn't have anything against this Suzaku guy. Dave just didn't like to lose. And he was a man on a mission. That mission, apparently having a bunch of girls which he barely knew.
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Characters: Dahlia and you!
Format: Whichever
This log is: open
Location: Around town
Summary: Dahlia is killing time by exploring Rakuen.
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