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prefect antics.

Characters: Prefects of Conquest and rule-breaking visitors
Format: Wevs you're comfortable with.
This log is: open
Location: The prefects' cottage in Conquest campus
Summary: With some rearranging and promotion going on, Flynn makes the rounds. Prefects mingle. People sneak in, because why not. It's not like you're wandering into Santana's lair or an-- oh wait.
Warnings: None so far.
If you didn't know any better, you would be forgiven for thinking Flynn was kind of, well. Boring. A Player obtained, his round had now settled comfortably on lesson-planning, double-checking student rosters, training, tidying his dorm room... And, of course, ensuring the other prefects were all doing alright in-between the rest of his self-assigned tasks.

[1.] He made a point of knocking on the doors of each of the other prefects a little while after classes. Partly to be polite, but also because they had lost prefects before to the apparently fickle system. And, of course, because he was friends with most of them.

[2.] For the rest of the evening, he claimed an armchair in the cottage's sitting room. At various points, he could be found checking the rules for the Pact ability in the manual, reading up on how to prepare beef wellington, and polishing a slight nick out of his sword. (Not because he thought he'd be stabbing anyone, but because proper weapon care is important.)
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Santana is in her room, music playing like it always is. She's mouthing the words instead of singing out loud in order to keep her concentration more on the book she's reading and less on the lyrics. To be honest she doesn't realize that music is playing or that she's mouthing the lyrics, it's so far in the background and she's so absorbed in the book.

That is, until a knock at her door disturbs the peace. She figures it could only be one of two people, Day or Flynn, as they're the only ones who really come to her room. She marks her pages, rolls over so she's on her back instead of her stomach and responds to her mystery caller.

"Come in."
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"Flynn, should have known it'd be you," she says with no malice in her voice, she's actually happy to see him. Oddly enough they get along, they must have bonded or something at one point since she can actually tolerate his presence to the point she may enjoy it. Not that she'd admit that out loud or anything.

Santana shrugs, "Looking forward to the tournament but other than that I'm pretty bored. Things need to get more interesting around here and fast. What you been up to?"
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"Like you?" she smirks at him, "You're already in my room, you might as well stay a while. You know I don't bite that hard."
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After class, Golbez had returned to his room to change out of his uniform. Even after so many weeks, he still found the fabric uncomfortable and itchy.

So when Flynn knocks on the door and he answers it, he's clad in his kilt and cape, looking entirely out of place. He also doesn't care. "Yes?"
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"As a matter of fact, yes. I don't particularly care for the uniform which I was provided upon my arrival." He eyed Flynn. "But surely you didn't stop by to discuss clothing."
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"Ah, I see. I've been quite well. And for that matter, I'm glad to see that you're back on your feet, Flynn."
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Cirno was actually just getting settled into her room when the knock brought her out of putting stuff away. She puts the books she had borrowed from the Library on the desk as she called out, "Come in!"

She continues after that, sorting through the books while waiting for the person knocking to enter.
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She smiles back, although the smile drops for a second as she tries to figure out one word he said. She puts the books aside and turns to him fully, floating in the air a bit as she does.

"I'm doing okay...It just feels...weird I guess."
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"Yeah...I never expected this...Any of it really!"

She leans back on the desk, still floating but with her attention to her feet.
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Suzaku had only been a Prefect a weak but he had become used to the new routine. He looked up when there was a knock on his door knowing it could only be one of the other prefects. "Enter."
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"Flynn." Suzaku nodded politely at him, "I am fine, how are you?" It was a polite lie, he wasn't actually fine. Feferi had disappeared, he still had no idea what to think about what Britannia had told him about Lelouch...
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Suzaku nodded, acknowledging the other mans words. Not knowing what had happened, if somehow Feferi had been saved, or if she were hurt, or lost somewhere made it worse. But so many people had disappeared, it seemed like it was just to be a part of their lives here. "It seems to be happening more often, it's worrying."