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Round 16 [Conquest]

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, making the morning pleasant before the usual signs went up on the screens. "Please report to the foyer at 12 noon for assembly."

A change from the last few weeks where assembles had been joint and held in the battle arena. Day was stood on the stage smiling faintly, with her were Santana, Flynn, Cirno, Yuka, Arthur and Suzaku. Conquest's prefects.

Once the small crowd was gathered Day stepped forwards. "Good morning," anyone who had been in any other assembly with Day would know this meant she was in a good mood indeed. "First of all I would like to commend you on your patience yesterday. I realise that some of you were a bit shaken but I assure you the error has been dealt with and it is nothing to worry about. We do not foresee any more problems."

That dealt with she gave a brighter smile before getting down to business. "I am pleased to announce that despite our small numbers we were triumphant last round. I would especially like to congratulate America for his victory over Sora. I trust that you will keep up the good work."

The screen changed from battle records to the list of Players for the next round. "The Players chosen to represent Conquest this round are Flynn Scifo, Arthur Pendragon and Cheshire Cat. Make me proud."
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Suzaku scowled through the assembly stood on the stage, but he didn't look as despondent as last week, he had a plan now, something to work towards. The meeting had gone better than he had hoped, they had all four prefects ready to open the tower and Flynn was a Player, that was good. He hoped at least one of the chosen Fortitude prefects were players as well.

He began looking around, if he wanted to help this round he couldn't be a discard.
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At his name, Cheshire jumped up onto the stage, looked to Day with a flick of his tail and a creepy grin and said, "I'm not a cat." He then sits at the edge of the stage and seems to get ready for a nap, two legs hanging off of the stage.

He really didn't seem too concerned about finding weapons at least.
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Through out the assembly, Cirno had been bouncing on her heels. That meeting had got her excited and she was ready. She had not felt this way in a long time it seemed and she hoped dearly that this would not change. She did frown that her name had not been called though. That could be a problem but at the moment, she wasn't worried.

She marched to the edge of the stags and stuck her hands on her hips, a wild grin on her face as she opened her mouth to yell, "HEY! It's time ta choose, so ya gotta pick us carefully! Remember the meeting everyone!"

Okay...she might be a little TOO excited.
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Yuka was starting to feel faintly ridiculous about the way they did assemblies here. The number of people on stage was getting strangely close to the number of people in the audience, it just felt weird. Especially given what being a prefect seemed to really mean.

Still, she was feeling pretty good about things overall. It wasn't that there hadn't been problems, and there were still unanswered questions. But it felt better to have a plan of action in mind. And, of course, there was another reason...

She smiled at Cirno. "I'm glad to see you so energetic again."
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Cirno just grinned widely, "I'm excited. They can't take this away from me and it means we are one step closer to figuring this all out!"

She was tried of everyone disappearing and just plain tired of not understanding what was going on. She was nervous about the monster part but she hadn't died yet so everything should end up fine...right?

"I just hope that things go well...There are so few of us left."
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Yuka nodded. "I was worried that maybe I'd given you bad advice... but I think things are going to work out now!"

She thought for a moment. There'd been a lot of things happening, and she wasn't sure now was the best time either, but she didn't want to put this off any longer. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small package. "I got this for you..."
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"Bad advice? Nah..I just might be takin' it wrong." Or not understanding it..but her point was there.

Cirno paused in her hyperish bouncing for a moment, head tilted to the side a bit. "Huh? You didn't hafta Yuka...What is it?" She peered at the small package. Is that what she thought it was...?
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Yuka shrugged. "Maybe it's a bit of both." Privately she had her doubts, but she didn't want this conversation to turn melancholy.

"I didn't have to... but I wanted to." She smiled. "Go on, open it!"
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Cirno very slowly took the package and held it for a moment. She was slightly hesitant but finally decided to open the package slowly.

"Are you sure..?"
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Yuka just smiled and nodded.
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When she spotted what was in the package she slowly smiled. She turned to Yuka and hugged her happily. "Thank you Yuka!"

After a moment, she let go and backed up a bit, clipping the charm onto her bracelet, eyes shut in preparation for the memory to come back. She winces a bit but stands there, still and quiet for a while before opening her eyes, a smile on her face once more.

"I didn't think I'd ever forget that...This place knows what things to hide from you well..."
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"I sometimes wonder if it's supposed to encourage us to work harder, by making us forget important things, but..." Yuka shrugged. It was a good theory, but it was hard to reconcile with how often people seemed to have lost things that were basically pretty stupid.

"Was it something good?"
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"Yeah. I had forgotten how we all fought back home. Danmaku...Wow, They really can take a lot of your important memories away."

Now she was really curious. Most of her memories she had gotten back were large portions of her life, which now made her wonder how much of her life she still did not know other then the obvious one.

"I dunno about it can make us work harder when it is something you should know by heart...Like the fact you are not a human or somethin' might hurt you."
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Yuka chuckled a bit. "When you put it that way, it doesn't sound like that good a plan, does it? Forgetting I wasn't human..." She stopped and thought about it for a bit. "... I think I would probably be a very confused person if that had happened."

Then she got serious again. "It does seem to have worked in a way though. Even if we might not realize what we're missing until we've regained it, we can still want to help the people we care about."
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So Ein was a Weapon this round? That was all right with him as long as he got a Player... but he can't seem to find any of them at the moment.