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This is a bad idea

Characters: Arthur, Vane and Suzaku
Format: Prose?
This log is: Closed
Location: Conquest Courtyard
Summary: Arthur vows to Vane, also Vane and Suzaku link
Warnings: Awful things
After handing out upgrades to people Suzaku got Arthur to buy a link charm and they went back to the courtyard to meet Vane. Suzaku letting the necklaces slip in and out of his fingers, lost in thought.

"Are you sure this is alright?" He asked Arthur, aware he had pretty much just informed Arthur he was getting another Weapon.
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Arthur wasn't sure how he got roped into buying all these upgrades for people, but he really has nothing to complain about. People here getting stronger just means that they make better opponents.

"You're the one who is going to be stuck with him, I just get an extra weapon this round," he looks at Suzaku critically, "Having doubts?"
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Raks in his pockets and a thick scarf wrapped around his neck, Vane made his way to the courtyard with some trepidation about what was about to happen. While the thought of linking with Suzaku had crossed his mind before, he'd always found some way of reasoning not to.

Too much liability, Suzaku was too unknown, it could backfire horribly... all were things he'd considered. So why in the name of God had he agreed? It was just begging to have someone else bite him in the ass again.

Releasing a sigh into the folds of his scarf, the engineer glanced up at the cloudy sky and shook his head. He'd make it work.

As he rounded the corner and Suzaku and Arthur came into view, he straightened his shoulders a little and forced himself to give a smile. "Hello, thank you for coming."
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Arthur really has no place to interfere with Suzaku's plans. He just shrugs at Suzaku's no as Vane approaches.

"Well then, let's get started."
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For a moment Vane only looked at Suzaku, scrutinizing him, before glancing back at Arthur with a smile.

"Alright, thanks for your help." He added, holding out his hand. "I'm Vane, and you?"
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Arthur takes Vane's hand in a firm grip, "Arthur," he says as he shakes his hand once.

"How are we to proceed?"
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"Have you made the vow before?" Vane inquired as he shook Arthur's hand before letting it go, noting the firmness of his grip. It was the handshake of someone who was used to holding things and holding them tightly. How interesting...
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Vane was right about his grip, Arthur was used to very official business and his handshake reflects that. While gripping a hand is different than gripping a sword, there are noticeable callouses on his hands.

"I don't think that will be necessary, if the two of you link then Vane is my Weapon by extension, we would be wasting our time."
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"That's true." Vane remarked after a brief moment of silence, nodding his head in agreement though he was obviously reluctant to do so. After a moment, he finally shrugged his shoulders ruefully as if to say 'what can you do?' and glanced at Suzaku with a smile on his lips again.

"Do you have the charm?"
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"I want to help." Vane replied with a nod towards Arthur as he reached out for the necklace offered by the knight. Taking the chain in hand, he rolled it between his fingers and visibly hesitated once more. "But I know I'm not the most able partner you could have. I also can't fill the position left behind by your friend." Here he paused and gave Suzaku a meaningful look.

"But if you're okay with this Suzaku, then so am I."
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With a silent nod, Vane waited and watched while Suzaku clipped the necklace around his neck. Once it was there and secure, the engineer had one more moment of hesitation before he too reached up and placed it around his neck.

His face, stonily still as he did the deed, winced slightly when he felt the metal links closed around his throat and lock in place. Was it supposed to feel like a collar? As the sensation passed and the metal warmed against his skin, he reached up and rubbed it uncertainly before looking back at Suzaku and offering him a smile.

"That was... anticlimactic." He admitted, a small laugh escaping his throat.