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On the platform: Meet the new characters

For those getting off the train their first impression of Rakuen is one of dreary, overcast skies. Although it's blessedly dry, the platform is still dark from a previous rainshower. The gaggle of uniformed greeters there to meet you are armed with umbrellas and school coats: on one side, four students in black and green; on the other, five in red and white. Whilst those in green are all unremarkable humans - mostly teenagers - the red group are a tad more varied. That is to say, one of their number is tiny, a girl the size of a small child, and her wings are beating delicate patterns in the warm air.

When they notice the hiss of the train doors, one out of each group steps forward.

"Can I please have your attention," A blond youth in the red and white starts; he explains that they're all prefects of Rakuen, having arrived just like you have in the past five months. Enrolled in the two battle schools on the island, like you. Fortitude - a long-haired boy and the others dressed in green nod or wave - and Conquest, as he indicates his comrades.

"I know you have many questions, and we'll answer as many as we can. But first, we have to sort you."

The long haired boy stepped forward to read out the list for those entering Fortitude, "Estellise Sidos Heurassein and Koishi Komeiji"
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[And here they go, another round, another set of questions that he is seriously tired of answe-]
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[She really doesn't pay too much attention to her surroundings when she gets off the train. Well, she's grateful she doesn't feel sick anymore, but she's sure still kind of tired from that train ride. Just where is she?

And she's certain she just heard her name. Looking over, she sees the boy... and she blinks...

No, she knows exactly who that is who called her name. It's just odd to hear her full name from him.]

Yuri? Where are we, and when did we arrive here?
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[It was probably said with a breath in between and a loooot of sarcasm. Long names are the bane of his life.

Seeing that he's not crazy, Yuri does a pretty good job of covering up his sudden anger that now Estelle's part of this crappy system, but it's still there. Abandoning his post on the stage (feels weird up there anyway,) he hops down and makes his way over to her, a lopsided grin on his lips.]

Took you long enough. Man, Flynn's gonna be so annoyed. [Ignoring her questions right now? Yes he is.]
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[She gently rubs her eyes, getting the remaining sleep out of it. Everything's so confusing right now. Why would Flynn be mad she's here? Well, it doesn't look like any city she knows about, but it can't be bad.

It then hits her, as she bows in apology. Clearly, she was supposed to be here a little while ago, right? But she must have taken her time for some reason... and that reason right now is something she honestly can't recall.]

If I was supposed to arrive here sooner, I apologize for making you and Flynn wait!
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[... he can't help it, he snorts before it turns into a laugh. This girl.]

Yeah, well, I'm sure he won't have any problem forgiving you. [A pause, and then a softer grin.] Nice to see you, Estelle.
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[Estelle's expression turns into that of a pout, not really sure why she's being laughed at. It can't be bad, but...]

It's... nice to see you, too, Yuri.

[She's also kind of confused as to why he's saying that. They just saw each other not too long ago, right?]
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[Nope, five months for this douche.]

That was enthusiastic. Not happy to see me? [He teases.]
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Oh, no! It's not that at all, it's just... you make it sound like it's been a long time since we've seen each other.

[Which is why she's confused.]

Of course I'm happy to see you.
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[... haaaang on a second, there is a serious issue here.]

Five months wasn't enough for you?
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[She furrows her eyebrows a bit in thought... the train ride seemed long, but... not that long!]

Has it really been that long?
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... guess not. [At least not for Estelle. How very... interesting. For a moment Yuri seems thoughtful (a most odd expression on his face) before he decides to let it go for now.]

Anyway, let's get inside. I'll explain everything there.

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[If she wasn't confused before, she's confused now. Especially with Yuri's vague answer and letting it go. No, she wants to know!]

I suppose an explanation would be nice.

[Especially since Yuri seems to know something.]
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[He'll explain it away from Santana and Nanami. No point in letting them give Estelle the wrong ideas before he can tell her what he knows.

... which, admittedly? Isn't exactly a whole lot. The staff have been kinda unhelpful on that front. Even Dolorosa, kind as she is, won't say a damn thing about why they're here or how they go home. Once he's led her away from the main gathering, figuring the rest of the prefects can deal with the other new arrivals, he stops beneath the awning of a nearby tree and pauses to give her another crooked smile.]

Sorry, too many people in one spot. I like being able to hear myself think.
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[Koishi points at the train behind her, once heading over as per instruction.]

Who built that, do you think? I want to ride it again! It was real fun! I've never ridden on something like it!
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Yuka was feeling more and more like her presence at these functions was completely unnecessary. In fact, she wasn't sure if it had ever been necessary to begin with.

Still, it wasn't bad to get a chance to see the new people, and this time there was even a familiar face!

Her mood changed abruptly when Koishi opened her mouth. She blinked. "Um... Are you feeling all right, Koishi?"
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[... he hates this job.]

Whoa, slow down a second and let a guy answer.
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[ He thought it was going to be more relaxing without any names to call, but apparently not. His tired-but-friendly expression has shifted until he just looks vaguely sick.

Princess no. ]
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[Guess who's here!]

[Your best friend, of course]

[She comes up to him and drapes an arm over his shoulder]

That your Estelle? Tough break.

[there's laughter on her voice]
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[ ohi Santana. You are a terrible best friend and he is questioning his friend choices.

let's not lie he had no choice. ]

She's not my Estelle.
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[Oh no, Santana was far too bored to give him a choice.]

[But really, at least she isn't a criminal who kills people like your other best friend, that should could for something.]

Oh? Is she your Yuri's Estelle then?

[S M U G]
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[And a call from where he's doing orientation...] What, she can't own herself?
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Oh hello Yuri. I see you managed to get your princess away from Flynn again. [cheeky grin] Of course she can't own herself, she's a princess and is there for the people, isn't she?
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[Santana, y u so rood?]

Well I guess something like that is hard to understand when you live life like a puppet. [... Yuri no. Don't stoop to that level.]
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I have plenty of free will here and I can do most anything I want, I have no complaints of being a puppet to this town.
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[Of course she can't not say hello to Flynn! So so walks up to him, not really liking the expression he's making. Is he not feeling well today?]

Are you okay? I take it this is your duty to greet any of us that arrive here? Be sure to get some rest after this.

[Because, he can't be worried that she's here, right?]