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A message in a bottle

Characters: Merlin and open
Format: You chose!
This log is: Open!
Location: The lake
Summary: Tuesday evening Merlin's letter to Gaius is finally finished and he takes his bottle to the lake...

Dear the person Merlin scrubbed out the words, it was hard trying to write a letter to someone whose name you couldn't remember Dear the phy He sighed and went back to staring out of his window, he had no roommates. In fact he was the only person in this whole dorm building... It granted privacy but it was lonely.

He sighed, a chance to write a letter home and he couldn't think of anything to say. He went back to the paper, skipping the address for now.

It's me. I'm fine and with the king, who is also fine. We have been brought to a strange land that He paused again, A land that seems bound with ancient magic, magic enough to block any magic of it's inhabitants. We are being kept at a school, one that requires us to fight. But we are alright and currently working on finding an escape. The King will probably send word to his wife or one of the knights, but I wanted to send my own note.

The king knows about my magic, even though I no longer have it. Please look after the Queen, I hope that Morgana isn't causing too much trouble, I hope Camelot is alright...

Please stay safe, and if you can get word to my mother, let her know I'll be back soon.

I promise.

I miss you.

He paused, wondering whether to sign it Emrys... but it would be dangerous for the physician. He went back to the beginning.

For the attention of the physician of Camelot.

He grabbed the letter and the bottle and made his way to the lake, he rolled up the letter to put in the bottle and moved to the lake side.

Hopefully this worked...

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[Let's just assume that Arthur is looking for Merlin for some dumb little chore that Arthur should be fully capable of doing himself]

Merlin! Is this where you've been hiding away all day.
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[Arthur rolls his eyes]

You really need to learn your name, this is getting ridiculous. [he nods out towards the water] Were you sending a letter to Ga- the court physician?
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[Yes but you know there is important information missing, you should want to get that back]

No, I have not. I do not know who to send it to or what I could possibly say to explain our current situation. [he thinks] I should write to Leon and say we remain unharmed.
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The lake was her usual spot when she had nothing else to do. Doubly so now that all her other favored spots were boring. The roof was no longer fun without Dave, the prefect dorms boring without Lelouch, the campus dull without Antonio... the list went on.

The lake, since she had never really come here with anyone, was clean of any sour memories and was the only place she liked to truly unwind. Sitting on the dock and- uncaring of the cool weather- had taken to dragging the tip of her boot across the icy cold waters.

At the sound of footsteps, the empire raised her eyes and blinked when they alighted upon a strange face. A visitor? How odd. With little grace, she raised her hand in a listless wave, though her position did not change.
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At Merlin's approach, Britannia shifted slightly to get a better look at him, her eyes meeting his when he stopped. As a blank, rather meaningless smile curled her lips, she gave him a rather awkward shrug as her shoulders rubbed against the wood of the dock.

"As well as can be expected." She answered ambiguously. She was a nation without guidance and an empire without underlings, but all that being said? She was still alive, so that had to be something. "I don't believe we've met. I'm the Britannian Empire."
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"Happiness isn't expected." She replied with a roll of her shoulders and a wry smile. That was true these days, she felt. Too busy thinking about all the change her country was going through and the absence of her boss had left her mostly frustrated and confused. Hence, she was rarely happy these days. (Boredom also might play a large figure in that as well.)

Ah, the name loss. He earned a sympathetic look from her. She still couldn't remember the name of her capital or her weapon. "I see. Have you been here long?"