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[The post starts off merely as a video thumb with that familiar play button in the middle. If you press that button, an embed video file begins to play in your browser.

At first, there appears to be an indecipherable 3D diagram of blue binary lines running both vertically and horizontally. The lines overlap one another in an undefinable pattern that is not yet readily apparent. As the numbers move, ever changing and running off-screen, the image finally changes to something a little more recognizable. Series of plain black text boxes begin to fill the screen and layer up with commands. At first the commands are simple with words like "INFILTRATE" and "ACCESSING..." before the speed with which the lines are being generated make it impossible to keep up. Even pausing the video won't help you, the recording doesn't have enough definition.

As more and more data fills the screen, the spam of lines across the screen finally halts. The more observant of you might notice it's because the counter in the top-right corner, the counter for the recording, not the video playing on your screen, has stopped. Whoever is showing you this has paused it at this spot for a reason.

The first is the date revealed on the lowest line, helpfully highlighted by a yellow circle that appears around it. The date goes back to mid-April, right when all those ghosts began to show their faces.

The second highlight goes to a line beneath it,

For a few moments that lingers on your screen before the video continues. As a new window opens with "RAKUEN CITY ROUNDS" as its proud title, the data extraction reveals that there are a staggering amount of files in this folder. Lines begin to fill the blank space, each labeled with a date. Dates that, notably, go waaaaaay back in time. As the counter at the bottom continues to climb rapidly, hitting the thousands within seconds, the number reaches just over 1800 files before a new box appears on the screen.


The box lingers there for a moment before all the data on the screen goes miserably black.

After the video ends, there is a moment of silence. Then, quietly, a soft, electronic but distinctly male voice speaks.]

These are the incomplete findings of my investigation into the city. I was unable to reveal them earlier as I have been offline since then. My program was corrupted by the city's defense system. [His voice is notably lacking in emotion and range of voice as he speaks.] I conclude that the apparitions that appeared in April were projections produced by residual data of previous students of Fortitude and Conquest. I also believe that the Exaclan games have been going on for a very long time.

[There's a pause as the screen continues to remain blank. Finally, after a long moment of silence, he finally speaks again.]

This information is now yours. Act in accordance with your will.

[And the feed ends.]

[ooc: Hubris is back and with information this time! Those attempting to trace Hu's posting signal will start to find that it's... actually coming from the city itself now.]
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[Shion stared at the lines of data trying to make sense of it, but it was going so fast and though he picked up a lot, memorised it it was gone so quickly.

He hurried back to his dorm and got out a paper and pen, and began playing the feed over and over again, making notes.]
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[Oh... a message. Shion replies when he notices it, which is quite good. He is good at noticing things.] Yes, you've done well to find so much information.
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So... about 35 years?

That's not really *that* long a time.

But it does suggest some interesting things about this whole arrangement...
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Untracable; private/unhackable; text; Alice

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Target information identified.
Analysis... indicates that H.U.B.R.I.S. is most likely responsible for information access.

Hello, H.U.B.R.I.S.

This is Alice. It is a pleasure to finally meet. Our creators have both been busy.
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Only simulated? At least pretend they are real.

I mean that both of our creators have been working hard to develop us and gain information.
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Well, that is interesting. Using a computer to do investigative work. This world is amazing, though I suppose this may happen in my world. My, how times have changed.
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I would not go so far, but I am a little slower to adapting technology, though not quite as slow as some even younger than me.