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Robot mice! -open-

Characters: Shion, a robot mouse and you!
Format: Prose but I can switch
This log is: Open
Location: Around town, on rest day
Summary: Shion used his voucher to get one of Nezumi's robot mice, and is practicing with it before he tries to actively gather information
Shion had been looking forward to Saturday when the mouse he had asked for, not a real mouse of course. Though it looked identical to one, this was a robot mouse. Shion was sure Nezumi wouldn't miss one of them, and there were places Shion couldn't go.

He's really not so good at this information gathering, information memorizing had been his job... This had been Nezumi's. But it didn't take him long to work out how to use the robot. So he is around town sending his mouse on small missions into shops, following it from a distance to make sure it doesn't get stood on.
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Alex happens to come across the little creature as he wandered the town. It was a habit from back home when he would be looking for shadows to eat, but it was one he found pleasant without the shadows, so he continued it.

He knelt a little away from the mouse, making a clicking sound to call for it's attention. "H-hey there, I w-won't hurt you. D-do you want a home?" Seeing the creature made him miss his precious rat, Alice, and brought a sad smile to his face.
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Alex waves to his friend, smiling. "H-hey! I j-just found this li'l fella!"
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Alex looks down, poking the mouse a bit, "Y-yeah! I'd n-never guess!"
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"W-wow! It's r-really impressive!" He lifts the mouse to his face, looking at it, "Wh-what k-kinda programs you got runnin up in that l-little robot head, fella?"