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Notice to Abnormal Botany students

[This is posted to the Conquest network, with copies also posted on the message boards around campus.]

The next Abnormal Botany class will involve plants that may, with little to no warning, be on fire.

Long hair must be pinned up, and clothing with loose or hanging parts is absolutely forbidden.

If you cannot abide by these rules, please save us all some time and just don't show up.
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[Just stares at notice with look of slight disbelief... This isn't his favorite class.]</small.
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[Oh yes he had... just pressed the button to reply and then forgot...] Nothing at all.
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Plants on fire?
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Haha! It is! But how is it still livin'?
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Is that really cool with ya?
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Awesome! So when's it start?
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"Now that sounds like something absolutely phenomenal! Mind if I sit in the back of the class and watch the proceedings?"
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"I'd be more than willing to assist you with that if you need it!" Aria gave Yuka a friendly smile, glad of the friend she made in her.
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In the video, Aria is brushing her hair, her PDA sitting on some flat surface in her room.

"How does this sound? Let's meet up before your class and we'll see if we can find a method that is more comfortable for you."