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You will follow the rules even if you do not want to

Characters: Cirno, Yuka Kazami and ???????
Format: Either or, I'll follow.
This log is: Closed
Location: Prefect Dorms
Summary: There is a punishment that is long overdue...
Warnings: Very unhappy stuff below!

Cirno walked back into the dorms after spending the day in the forest. She didn't even bother just heading straight for her room like she did a few rounds ago, trying to avoid anyone who would say anything about her just outright not going to class.

Although something was off...She didn't have to be a genius to figure that one out.

"What's going on?"
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Suzaku was sat in the common room with Yuka waiting for Cirno. He had not wanted to do this, but Santana had made it clear he had no choice. She had probably picked him because she knew he was friends with both Cirno and Yuka.

Nothing showed on his face though, he had been ordered to do worse and done it. "You haven't attended class in a long time Cirno." He began waiting to see how she would respond.
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Yuka looked up from her PDA. She wasn't sure why Suzaku had wanted her here, but since she was just doing some brainstorming for her upcoming classes, it didn't particularly bother her. "I have missed seeing you in mine... although I'd understand if you wanted to sit this next one out."
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"It's against the rules Cirno," Suzaku told her patiently, he didn't know if she had read the rule book (probably not) but she had been here a long time and should know the rules by now, especially since she was a prefect.

"Breaking the rules has consequences."
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Huh. She must not have seen the announcement. "Well, it does involve fire..." Yuka's voice trailed off as she gave Suzaku a sharp look. "You sound suspiciously like a man reading from a script."
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Suzaku shrugged, he wasn't quite but it was easier if he did this by rote. Because if not it was personal. Personal hurt too much. He looked away from Cirno, unable to meet her frightened eyes.

"Yuka Kazami will take the punishment for Cirno, it will last five minutes." And with that he reached out to grab Yuka's wrist and administer the punishment.
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Yuka pulled her hand back and made a 'one moment please' gesture as she sat the PDA she was still holding in her other hand down on a nearby table. "You should probably use my upper arm," she noted with a slightly malicious grin (although one not actually directed at Suzaku). "I might hurt you by accident if your hand is close enough to grab."
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Suzaku blinked but nodded at Yuka before moving his hand as directed. He of course assumed the grin was for him and knew that he deserved it, he forced himself to look at Cirno. The guilt was threatening to suffocate him.

"Ready?" He asked Yuka and then once she acknowledged him began the punishment.
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Yuka nodded.

As Suzaku's hand touched her arm, her expression transformed from a grin to a rictus, and her hands clenched on the arms of her chair with a white-knuckled grip. She hadn't been joking with what she said before - Suzaku probably wouldn't have enjoyed it at all if the closest thing to latch onto had been him.

She wanted to close her eyes, so she wouldn't have to see the look on Cirno's face... but she wouldn't. That wouldn't be acceptable at all.
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Suzaku's face remained the same, emotionless and hard as the seconds ticked by. Five minutes was a long time and he forced himself to watch Cirno's tears the whole time.

Finally he let go of Yuka and the penalty faded.
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Yuka slowly exhaled as her hands relaxed. "Well. Not nearly as bad as the time that happened while I was swimming." She smiled at Suzaku again, though it was a bit shaky. "Was there anything else?"
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Suzaku shook his head, there was nothing else. He watched Cirno run and looked down. "Is there anything I can do for you?" He asked Yuka formally.
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Yuka looked over to where Cirno had gone and sighed. She'd hoped that by being as matter-of-fact about the whole thing as possible, it wouldn't be as hard on Cirno. It didn't seem to have worked as well as she might have liked. "Thank you for offering... but I don't think you can help here."
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Suzaku nodded, understanding and walked out of the room. He didn't have anything to say, there was nothing he could say to make this better.