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Midnight [open; Fortitude]

Characters: Shion and anyone nearby
Format: Any
This log is: Open
Location: Black dorm, room 1A
Summary: Midnight the city is shaking and all non prefect characters who are not linked to anyone get a penalty, Shion is one of them.
Warnings: Pain
The day had been strange, Shion had not left the campus because of things he had heard, people trying to get the Players to fight, shouting at the students. Then people had disappeared. Then he had been hit with a penalty. It was worrying. Shion had went to bed quite right afterwards, needing the time to think but it was a while before he fell asleep.

At midnight he woke screaming as pain gripped him, he grasped at his head and buried his head in the pillow. His bed was moving, or was it the entire room? The pain continued, longer than it had before and when it finally stopped he lay there a moment still shaking in pain, tears running down his face.