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Wednesday night

Characters: Suzaku and anyone who is left
Format: Anything
This log is: Open
Location: Conquest, prefect dorms, white dorm (room 1-A to start) and then all the rooms
Summary: All non Prefect Weapons disappear. That is all of Suzaku's Weapons and he failed to protect them
Warnings: So much angst
He should have expected it, no amount of fighting, of trying to stop giant tortoises, of grappling with shadows, nothing they did seemed to be stopping what was happening. So when the city shook again and the link necklace dropped from his neck tarnishing in his hands Suzaku just felt numb. He shook his head in disbelief and then left the prefect room. He had been with Vane not long before... He couldn't have gone...

But he burst into the room where Vane had lived and found that he had gone, and so had the twins for this was their room too. He went from room to room, all empty...

It was perhaps an hour later that he returned to the Prefect house and sat in the common room staring at his hands...
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"Maybe we just ran out of time," Yuka said somberly as she sat down in another chair. A moment later she offered, "Strawberry?" and held up a basket. When she'd seen the general lack of offerings this morning, she'd decided to do some scavenging in the forest.

They weren't quite ripe, but that didn't seem very important right now.