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[Closed Log: Round 3, Monday]

Characters: Santana Lopez and Flynn Scifo
Format: actiontags
This log is: closed
Location: Conquest Prefects' HQ
Summary: Flynn makes prefect on his second day due to Yuri's party leader complex. Confusion reigns supreme.
Warnings: Santana.
[ so it had been a reasonably uneventful first day, no classes to teach or anything, right up until the moment that he'd gotten back from meeting Madoka and Santana had cornered him in the common room. 'Get your things, no-vowels, and report to headquarters. Don't even think of being late' had been her only explanation before she'd stalked off, and he had done as she said with a slight air of resignation. A career of choosing his battles carefully wasn't about to wear off now, after all.

'Headquarters' turns out to be a surprisingly picturesque single-story building off to the side of campus, amongst the gardens. He stops outside the porch, takes a deep breath, and goes to knock on the door. It's been ten minutes since she ordered him here. ]

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[Santana opens the door immediately with an annoyed look on her face. Flynn is probably going to start thinking that that's her default expression, and he wouldn't be far from the truth. She turns away from him and starts walking inside, expecting him to follow]

Took you long enough. I said to get here quickly. [she glances over her shoulder to make sure he did follow] Don't you know it's rude to keep a lady waiting. [as they walk deeper into HQ she stops and turns to him] Do you even know why you're here?
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Well somehow, within a day of being here, you qualified to become a prefect. Don't even ask me how you did it, I suspect some kind of foul play but I don't have any evidence to have your status revoked. So this is your new dorm and you have access to all of the amenities.

But I have one question for you, are you even able to be an asshole and punish the other students?
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What? You think I go around punishing people for kicks? [Yes.] If someone breaks a rule you need to step in.
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[she's actually surprised by that answer]

Wait. What? Really?
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Oh my god, someone with half a brain. I guess your vowel-hating parents actually taught you something.
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[You're pretty par for the course, no need to feel special]

For Conquest it's just us, but there's Nanami and Lelouch in Fortitude. Unfortunately people are reaching Prefect status quickly so we may end up filling up faster than expected. But seriously, I'm not going to share my room with anyone.
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Pretty much, I mean, Day is here too but she's the Headmistress and has other things to do.
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Well aren't you quite the knight, I'm not some damsel you can just sweep off her feet. I still outrank you.
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[oh she liked that]

Yes, yes I am your commanding officer, which means you have to do what I tell you. Hell, I could make you call me ma'am if I wanted.
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Well lucky for you I think ma'am makes me sound like I have a stick up my ass, I'm not that stuck up.

Just a warning to ya, you're probably not going to like being a prefect. I like it, but I'm a natural bitch, this is my perfect role, and I get that you're all military following orders and stuff but this is different.
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You have no idea what you're in for kid, no idea.
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Oh yeah? How old are you anyway?
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[and then she proceeds to laugh in his face]

You've got to be kidding me. You look twelve.

[who cares if that's true of not]
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[Yeah, the school uniform doesn't really help your case]

You hardly look like a man, how would any one trust you to protect them? People will hardly respect you as a prefect if you look so much like a baby.
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Well good luck with that, you've got a long way to go before you get either from me.