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Closed Log

Characters: Yuri Loball and Flynn Sheafo.
Format: action
This log is: closed
Location: Conquest HQ and eventually the Mercantile Quarter
Summary: It's business as usual with the vigilante and the knight, and business is good~
Warnings: lol alcohol
[Inching along the outer wall of Conquest's HQ building, Yuri pauses to peek into the window of the next room he passes, both on the lookout for Santana and Flynn, only one of which he wants to find. Why he doesn't just knock? Well that would entail he knows what doors are for and how to use them. To him and his memory-addled mind, a door is just another word for a wall.

And as for why he doesn't just call Flynn on his PDA? Because this way is more funny. Gotta keep his friend on his toes, after all.

When the current room he looks into seems empty, he continues dodging through the bushes to the next one.]
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[ Flynn, meanwhile, is in that next room, sitting at his desk leafing through the manual's section on the warning penalty. He has some ideas he wants to approach Day with, but he wants to be completely sure he knows what he's talking about before he tries it. Especially if she's anything like her head prefect.

Pageturn. Pageturn. Serious expression.

Incidentally, the desk is against the window. You know, if he ever looked up. ]
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[ the knock has him looking up with... well, it's not just surprise. Resignation, maybe? Amusement's there, somewhere. Faintly. But it's having a hard time finding room on Flynn's face with all that srs.

The window's unlocked, so he closes the manual, clears the desk, and then just stands up and moves away from the window so Yuri can get in without causing any grievous friend harm. ]

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[ wow Yuri you need to work on less suspicious skills. But it didn't take even the first day for him to realise that trying to introduce him to the concept of doors was a total waste of both of their time. Welp. ] You should look through it yourself sometime.

[ oh right. ] Thanks again for running that errand, Yuri.
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[His response is almost laughingly predictable by this point. Habit, brought about by the familiar frustration of Yuri doing things he shouldn't. Like breaking and entering. Or refusing to read basic rules.] S-shut up. Anyway, you're a prefect too, you know.
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'Nami'? [ but he can't really call Yuri out on being overly familiar with his superior officer, so to speak. He doubts Nanami cares what she's called, from what Santana has said about her.

Yuri should probably try to not behave like it's a huge joke though.]

... Never mind. Why are you here?
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[ there aren't many less trustworthy grins in Yuri's arsenal tbh. FOLDS HIS ARMS. ]

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That's not what I meant, and you know it.

[ as a sign of peace, he goes and puts the manual away on its shelf. Now he's unarmed. :| ]
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[ the chair is more likely at the moment tbh. Yuri's expression is definitely top-grade chair-throwing material, even if Flynn can't concentrate on his face for too long without getting a sudden headache. He catches the look, anyway. :I

Well... he's done with his immediate work, so. ]

It couldn't hurt.
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Another...? [ his hand transitions almost seamlessly from a self-conscious brush of his hair to snagging Yuri's arm, and he steers the guy around until he's facing the door instead. ]

We're not using the window, Yuri. [ look at this magical device it is called a doorknob and when I touch it THE WALL OPENS. ]
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I live here, Yuri. I know the shortcuts. [ Wow you are frustrating.

Well. Technically the memory barrier is frustrating.

You are also damn frustrating though. You know. Generally. Force is applied to aforementioned wall-afixed device. Door swings open. YURI IS DRAGGED THROUGH IT before he can 1. protest or 2. fall over from memory regain. ]
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[ I never said I wasn't just as frust-- no wait none of that ever happened as far as I remember.

Shut up. ]

There are a few more to go through before we get outside. Just... try not to think about it too hard.
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[Truly they are destined friends.]


anyway they're out after one more door.]
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[Yurihandling is something you don't just forget after a few years.

It's like riding a bicycle.


Anyway, they're out. They're FREE. And Flynn has no idea where Yuri intended for them to go.]

Ah... Where did you say we were heading?
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[ riding a horse then..? Shut up it's a perfectly valid simile in Rakuen.

In other news, a bar seems relatively legal, so he's a little relieved. Enough that he starts towards the campus gates without further prompting, anyway. ]

What high praise. Should I be worried?
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[ and then... they go to a bar? ]