Jan. 29th, 2012

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I don't know if this is working.

[The voice is young and girlish, though somewhat sullen. Almost a touch grumpy.]

Oh... Hello?

My name is Road Kamelot. I'm a... a Conquest Player this round. I haven't fought anyone yet, and I only have one Weapon-- oh, this is a bit scary, isn't it? Would anyone be able to help me out? [She sniffles, aiming to pluck at your unaware little heart-strings.] I only want to make friends here.

Oh yes, and if anyone would like to be a Weapon of mine, please let me know. I wouldn't want you to suffer without rights. That's so... truly terrible.
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Dave Strider vs. Estonia

Weapons: Sora Himoto and Sis Strider
Location: Battle Arena
Time of day: Afternoon; After School

Dave didn't know what to expect. He didn't know who had Sis, so he couldn't assume whether this would be a hard match up or not. He was going to assume it would be troublesome. It was safer to assume the worst in this place, considering some of the matches he had went through.

But he was determined to get Sis. It was stupid, now that he thought about it. Almost kind of clingy. But he wanted her around and god damn it, it's pretty messed up when you can't even touch your own sibling. It was easy to convince Sora to be his weapon for the match. The girl was easily excited about most things, and he guessed the chance to meet Sis was a pretty good incentive for the other.

He stood in the Battle Arena, fidgeting with the glove in his hand idly, ready (or hoping he was ready) for his opponent. But at the same time, he didn't feel too tense. It was almost like strifing with Sis. And that was a familiar feel in a place that wasn't familiar at all.
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Characters:Cirno and Nephenee
Format: Any
This log is: Closed
Location: Nephenee's classroom, [Backdated to Day 2]
Now how did this go again...? )
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