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Characters: Nephenee and Santana
Format: Whatever
This log is: Closed
Location: Nephenee's dorm, then the prefect dorms
Summary: What it says on the tin: Santana grabs Nephers and instructs her int he ways of Prefects
Warnings: Santana deserves her own warning :p
And it was a very nifty hat indeed )
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[Feferi is sitting on the grass outside the Conquest dorms, and the video from her PDA shows her fiddling with her bracelet. Unlike most, it has seven charms attached. Two of them don't belong to her by right, though they do by inheritance.

Those who know her and see her regularly would know she normally only wears three charms - one of her own, and the two she inherited - on her bracelet.]

There were four upgrades - the rest of mine for my weapon - anonymously sent to me. I'd like to thank the person that did it, though, really, you didn't have to. If there's some way I can repay you? Or at least thank you in person. I really appreciate it, though it was certainly a huge surprise.

I'm not sure what it means, battle-wise, to be fully unlocked, but I guess I'll find out.
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[The image is a big blurry, Kotaro is a bit close, he pretty much pressed all the buttons until he got this to work]

Can everybody see me? And hear me? [He smiles showing fangs, still far too close to the camera]

My name is Kotaro Mochizuki, I'm a Black blood, which you might also know as a vampire. If you don't know what a vampire is [Because Nephenee hadn't] we have powers, like being able to fly and we have to drink blood. It's more complicated than that but If you come and find me I'll explain more!

But why I am talking on the computer is because vampires need blood, well Sam does anyways...

But we don't want to hurt anyone! [Read as he doesn't want to hurt anyone, Sam can't remember he's a vampire] Sam is a doctor though so can take the blood out of you with a needle, just a bit of it and that way he wont need to bite you. But I need volunteers.

There might be other black bloods here as well. [He knows of one who might be, but he isn't sure] And I'm sure they need help too. So if you want to volunteer let me know. And if you are a black blood then answer as well!

[And then he spends a while trying to end the message, pressing buttons again]
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[Nephenee flashes up on the screen and pokes the camera. It seems to be working...]

Uh, is this here thing on?

[She decides to go with it anyway.]

Um, I just wanna give a hand ta any of the Weapons who don't have a Player yet. I heard what the manual says bout Discards, and that's jus' awful to be treated that way. So, um, if ya want, I can be your Player for the round. You don't have ta fight if ya don't want ta, and I'll treat ya real good. Even if your not a lance or somethin like that I'll do mah best with ya....
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Characters:Cirno and Nephenee
Format: Any
This log is: Closed
Location: Nephenee's classroom, [Backdated to Day 2]
Now how did this go again...? )

In the gym

Jan. 23rd, 2012 10:46 pm
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Characters: Kotaro Mochizuki and Nephenee
Format: Prose unless you want action
This log is: Closed
Location: Gym, Sunday afternoon
Summary: Training! With a teddy bear...
Time for training! )
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As you all crowd onto the platform with your new and still bizarre mix of faces, expressions, clothing and wild theories, you are met by two girls. Both are in uniforms that would match if not for the colour differences - skirts, waistcoats, and light summer shirts that seem totally inappropriate for the thin layer of snow and ice coating the station platform. Both have a beret with a crest - one shows a sword, the other a shield.

At the first lull in the chatter, the shorter girl speaks up, her soft voice somehow cutting over you.

"Excuse me,"

She explains, in precise, quiet sentences, that they're prefects, representing the two schools in Rakuen. Nanami of Fortitude, she says, placing a hand on her own collarbone, and Santana of Conquest, here pointing to the taller girl she's leaning against. The girl nods, looking fairly bored.

"We will be sorting you now. When we say your name, please move quickly and quietly to whoever called you."

"Yeah," Santana interrupts, "Then we can go back to the dorms. It's not getting any warmer however many times they make us do this."

They separate, moving to stand several metres apart, and both pull a list from their waistcoat pocket. Alternating, they start to read out your names.
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You're falling, and you can't remember why. It's a sickening feeling that makes your insides lurch; the darkness and the vertigo combine, and all you can think of is a story you heard once, somewhere.

Ah, I remember now. It's... a simple story that everyone knows. A legend of a Princess, the Demon Lord who kidnapped her, and the Knight who fought to save her. The Demon Lord had kidnapped the Princess countless times, but every time the Knight bested his challenges and rescued the Princess. No matter what tricks and ploys the Demon Lord used, the Knight would always triumph in the end. This was because--

The world tilts on its axis one last time, and the dream slips from your mind as easily as it arrived. A new voice intrudes on your sleep. Mechanical, monotonous.

"Next stop: Rakuen City. This train terminates here. The next stop is Rakuen. All change." The train rocks steadily as it winds its way through white drifts of snow. Sunlight streams through the window, heating the air and making the seats almost uncomfortably warm. A puff of steam from the train winds its way lazily past the windows when the wind is right.

It's strangely difficult to shake off the sleep; the rhythm of the train seems to lull you back into slumber and the air is warm and heavy, making it hard to keep hold of a thought. Finally, though, the nausea settles, the last of the dream fades and you can take in your surroundings. And, perhaps more importantly, those around you in a similar state.

"We have arrived at Rakuen City. All passengers must leave the train. This train is terminating here. This is Rakuen."
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