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Characters: Tear and Conquest students
Format: I'll start with prose, but tag however you like.
This log is: open
Location: Classroom
Summary: Time for class with the fairy! Accounting and Money Management
Warnings: unamused fairy is unamused by your shenanigans

This teaching thing came naturally to Tear. Though she probably spent far too much time on lectures and expected a lot of homework from her students. But she did occasionally give them time to work on things, and she hovered around to make sure they were doing okay.

There were a couple things that were a bother, though. She wasn't wearing her glasses, so it made it more difficult to read her own tiny handwriting. The writing of the students was easy enough to read, though. She also had her hair tied up in a ponytail. For some reason, she just was unable to get ti to look how she wanted. While she was in a tiny version of the skirted uniform, she also wore the hot pants underneath for decency's sake.

The work she had set the students to doing was twofold. Primarily, they were balancing an account that had a series of debits and credits added and subtracted from it. They also had a mockup of a bank statement showing what transactions they had processed in a hypothetical month. They were to reconcile them both, and come up with a final balanced number that allotted for transactions the bank hadn't processed yet, as well as some things the bank had processed but hadn't yet been brought to the account holder's attention. And just to make things harder, some of the transactions were done in a currency called "Pix" that the student must convert to Raks using a given exchange rate on the day of the transacton. And don't forget the conversion fee!

You have a lot of work to do, guys! You can finish by the end of the period, right?
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School was hard. For a little boy who had never been to school before, learning everything he needed to know off his brother sitting in a class where he was one of many, when he couldn't ask his endless questions he found his concentration was none existent.

Also he could barely understand the rak system as it was, money was something that had only came into his life a couple of months ago, and he didn't understand this work at all.

So instead he was drawing on the desk, a bear sat on top of a train was holding a sword.
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Kotaro looked up from his drawing at his roommate and teacher before shaking his head. "No. I don't understand all the numbers."
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"Why did I buy them if I was just going to sell them to someone else? Why didn't I just send them to the shop in the first place?"

He looks confused, it seems like an overly complicated way of getting things to people.