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Characters: Everyone who answers Lelouch's call and turns up at the arena
Format: all the formats
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle. Make your own sub threads, have fun!
Warnings: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle, so injury maybe death.
Time to fight... )
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That was highly inconvenient timing. All of my students ought to have their ledger project completed and on my desk by now. If not, you've had plenty of extra time and I won't accept it.

We will be meeting again as normally scheduled. Please be prepared to justify your responses to me.

And I'm sorry to ask, but what is all of this commotion about Conquest's announcements? I'm afraid I was incapacitated.

[And another note sent afterward]
Golbez, may we speak?
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Hello, everyone, my name is Tear, I teach Accounting and Money Management at the Conquest school, and I also work in the Exaclan store, Rakettear.

This week, I have unexpectedly become a Player, and I have a rather specific problem. As a fairy, I am not the same size as you humans, as most of you may know. I have a need for an appropriately-sized weapon. Something like a knife or dagger for a human would be best for me.

I am fully prepared to offer you the rights I'm able to give you, of course. And no, you won't be required to work in the store or anything. A vow made with me is different than one made with Recette, apparently. You would only need to be a part of the battles necessary to prevent me from incurring the battle penalty.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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[ yeah he's been ordered to do this and wow is he unhappy about it. ]

An hour ago, someone in Rakuen went below zero raks. The penalty will now commence.

[ ooc: and because it just hit the hour, someone, randomly selected, is now subjected to five minutes of the warning penalty. This will happen every hour, on the hour, to a different person each time, until the person who triggered it has at least one rak. Volunteer here. The penalties will hit Kevin Smith, Feferi Peixes and Tear before it is stopped. ]
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Characters: Tear and Conquest students
Format: I'll start with prose, but tag however you like.
This log is: open
Location: Classroom
Summary: Time for class with the fairy! Accounting and Money Management
Warnings: unamused fairy is unamused by your shenanigans
Now listen children while the fairy tells you of mundane things )
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[Tacked on the inside entry doors of both dorm buildings for both schools. Typed, with what some might recognize as the flag of the Black Knights behind the words.]

Prisoners of Rakuen:

I am Zero. Some of you may know me, and would ally yourselves with me. Others would seek me out and have me unmasked. What I bring to you today, however, is unity. There is one unalienable truth that unites us all in ways we need only open our eyes to see.

That one truth is that we are all united in is that we are all prisoners of the Rakuen system. We are all forced to fight our friends, family, and loved ones, to unknown ends. We are all marionettes on the strings of a faceless puppeteer that uses his power over others to enslave them and force them to do his bidding.

But this has not always been the case. There are whispers about how the last session of this game ended. Freedom is possible for those that would stand and take it for themselves. The Prefects, the Headmistresses, and indeed, even the Mayor herself are all merely cogs in this machine.

And this machine is one I will tear down piece by piece and gear by gear until nothing remains. None will be left behind, and none that oppose me will find mercy. If you would join me, seek me out. If you would oppose me, then you endeavor to continue your own incarceration.

- 0

((Read Me First!:Feel free to mingle amongst yourselves as characters begin their days with this lovely treatise! Look for your school and dorm color and tag under there!))
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Characters: Recette and Tear
Format: whatevs
This log is: closed
Location: Recette's store
Summary: Reunited and it feels so good~
Warnings: Cavities
Back to work, Recette )
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