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Characters: Conquest students (and anyone else who feels like sneaking in).
Format: Any (Starting with action)
This log is: open
Location: Conquest classrooms
Summary: Yuka seems to be very rushed today...
Warnings: Unknown
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Characters: Yuka Kazami [AU] and Conquest students plus anyone else who wants to sneak in, Yuka won't notice or care
Format: Any
This log is: open
Location: Conquest greenhouse
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.
Warnings: none
So what's so abnormal about it anyway? )
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Characters: Flynn Scifo and Conquest students/collateral damage.
Format: any
This log is: open
Location: The Conquest Food Tech. classroom.
Summary: Flynn's class has learned to fear his example dishes, but that hasn't stopped him yet. Today, it's okonomiyaki.
Warnings: Potentially terrible cooking.
food shouldn't be this exciting )
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Characters: Cheshire and open
Format: However you prefer
This log is: open
Location: Home Ec. Classroom of Conquest
Summary: Who let Cheshire have a class?
Warnings: Excessive Silliness
There are duck innertubes, Tarts, and much chaos. )


Jul. 12th, 2012 01:27 pm
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Characters: Jack Noir & Conquest Students
Format: prose, actionbrackets, whatever the hell you want
This log is: OPEN obviously
Location: Wilderness Survival Class, which isn't actually outside because fuck that
Summary: actually make that Minimal Effort Teaching 101
Warnings: if someone doesn't get stabbed I'll be very disappointed
[For the second day of class Jack decides to actually show up, so if anyone was hoping to get another free period out of it they're shit out of luck this time. Five minutes late, he slams open the door and stomps angrily over to his desk, taking about two seconds to look over his class before deciding he hates every last one of you.]

Alright all you whiny little fucks, let's get one thing straight here-- I'm don't wanna teach shit, and you're all probably hopeless doomed wimps anyway. But apparently I'm getting paid just to be here, so fuck if I'm gonna waste my time anywhere else.

So here's your first lesson, everyone shut the fuck up. Knowing when to shut the fuck up is a great skill to have when you don't wanna get murdered in the woods. You can all practice that for the rest of the class.

[With that he takes his seat, kicks his feet up on the desk, and begins doodling on the back of a random book.]
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Characters: Day and Conquest Students
Format: Whatever you wish
This log is: Open class post!
Location: Poison lab
Summary: Week eight poison class: How to avoid being poisoned (aka Poison identification). Open to all. If your character is new they will just be thrown into the deep end!
Warnings: Mentions of poison, frank discussion of death etc
They had all proved already that they had no talent in poison detection... )
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Characters: Nyo!England and YOU
Format: whatever you like, I will follow
This log is: open, Monday and Thursday of week 7
Location: conquest classroom
Summary: England is finally ready to start teaching. Are you ready to summon cute little creatures monsters?
Warnings: probably PGish, unless there is searing
Santo Rita Mita Maid-a Ringo Jonah Tito Marlon... )
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Characters: Day and Conquest students
Format: Whatever you wish
This log is: Class post! Tag Day or each other!
Location: Poisons classroom, Conquest campus
Summary: Methods of Poisoning: Food and Drink
Warnings: Poisons, mention of death etc
A deadly feast awaits... )
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Characters: Prussia and anyone
Format: Open (action or prose, I'll respond to whichever you use)
This log is: open
Location: Conquest classroom
Summary: Prussia attempts to teach about military strategies, all the while, she can't remember the names of her fellow German nations.
Warnings: "enthusiastic" teaching methods
Enter If You Dare )
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Characters: Arthur and Conquest students
Format: Action or prose.
This log is: open
Location: In his class room
Summary: Crime solving class!
Warnings: Possible violence?
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a) [ astronomy class/open ]

In an attempt to look like he's actually doing his job, and thus avoid Santana's wrath, on Wednesday Golbez hands out a pop quiz on the inner solar system. If you've been paying even the slightest amount of attention to your textbook, you should have no trouble passing.

Feel free to look over your friends' shoulders or whatever it is kids do when they cheat.

b) [ after school/closed ]

Some of the people in this city are battle-hardened warriors, and some of them are twelve-year-old tennis players. )
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Characters: America and anyone
Format: Prose but will follow you
This log is: open
Location: America's classroom
Summary: Congratulations are in order good sir or ma'am! You are currently taking government class with 'Merica! :D
Warnings: None that I can think outside of possible, political views.

What could go wrong? )
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Characters: Cornelia li Britannia and Conquest students
Format: Whatever you want's fine with me!
This log is: Open
Location: ...A classroom
Summary: Cornelia introduces her approach to teaching Battle Tactics and spends a good deal of class talking to students in the hallway.
Warnings: is Cornelia a warning
The Goddess of Victory is going to impart her wisdom on you )
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Characters: Day and the lucky conquest students
Format: However you like
This log is: open class post, feel free to tag Day or each other
Location: Poisons lab
Summary: Lesson 3: Safe storage part one
Warnings: poisons, frank talk of death. Day.
Everyone loves poisons )
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Characters: Tear and Conquest students
Format: I'll start with prose, but tag however you like.
This log is: open
Location: Classroom
Summary: Time for class with the fairy! Accounting and Money Management
Warnings: unamused fairy is unamused by your shenanigans
Now listen children while the fairy tells you of mundane things )
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Characters: Sis and people of Conquest!
Format: I'm starting in prose. But people may reply in whatever format, and I'll follow that!
This log is: Open to everyone who wants to be taught!
Location: Some classroom, sdkjfklsf.
Summary: Where Sis tries to teach young children in Conquest (yes, even you) how to use a Katana, and defend yourself properly. This is also her first time holding a class.
Warnings: Cussing to be had. A LOT OF IT.
how do i teach kids... )
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Characters: Golbez, open to anyone at Conquest
Format: Either
This log is: open
Location: Astronomy class
Summary: Stars are astronomical, right?
Warnings: Astronomy :|
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Characters: Aqua and any Conquest residents!
Format: Your choice, I'll follow.
This log is: Open.
Location: Conquest school in the special Magic classroom.
Summary: Maaaagic. Also this is backdated to the past IC week, I'm sorry I couldn't get this up earlier!
harness the light within you )
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Characters: Day and all of Conquest Students!
Format: prose, action, anything goes
This log is: Party post, tag Day, tag each other. Feel free to tag any part of the class or all of them!
Location: The poisons classroom, which is really a science lab.
Summary: Lesson one: Herb identification. Day's poison lessons begin
Warnings: Poisons, frank talking about killing and death
Welcome to poisons, if you pay attention you might leave alive )
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Characters: PROFESSOR WEINBERG AND YOU. Yes all of you.
Format: ANY
This log is: v. v. open
Location: Conquest's Fashion classroom
Summary: I'll make a code geass cast member out of you. aka bring on the ruffles and cat-ear headbands.
Warnings: Gino.
this ain't a scene it's a train wreck )
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