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Conquest Round Seven

Some of you might be a little worse for wear but nonetheless the screens bear the same message as they do every Sunday. "Please report to the loby at 12 noon for assembly." Santana will gather up anyone who is dawdling.

As usual Day stood on the small raised podium with Flynn, Feferi, Nephenee, Nevin and Gino. Santana came to join them when everyone was assembled.

"Good morning," Day didn't seem in a dangerous mood. "I hope you all enjoyed the change of scenery last Round." She had seen most of the footage and had actually been surprised by how well some of them had done, and very amused at the failings.

"Well done to those who defeated the final boss, commiserations to those that didn't but your efforts were... notable."

Anyone feeling suspicious about the lack of punishment would perhaps have those suspicions belayed when her eyes glinted. "We have some new people I remind them the rules are on page nine. Read them. Please note that violence is only acceptable in official exaclan battles."

Her eyes met Spades Slick and for a moment he would be hit with a sharp head pain. It only lasted a couple of seconds though.

"This Round is back to normal, I hope I don't have to remind you that losing is not acceptable. The Players for this round are," the screen switched on to show the following list, Day read the names outloud.

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[Santana may look a bit worse for wear, she winces in pain every once in a while and from time to time leans on Flynn during the assembly, but only for a few seconds at a time. She can take care of herself, dammit.]

[The scary part is how smug she looks. Watch out Conquest.]
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[Gonna come check on his patient] You look better than the last time I saw you. [smile smile]
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[she gives a very small smile back but turns it into a scowl rather quickly]

I'm pretty tough, don't doubt me.

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[Santana realizes that Day is sticking around for her, she's grateful and all but she doesn't want Day to think her weak]

[Pretending to be strong she asks]
If I die will I wake up better than before?

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[Yuki went to the assembly even though her stomach was really bothering her. Maybe it was something she ate? She decided to avoid whatever she had for breakfast this morning for the rest of the week. It seems safer that way.]

[Even though she looks uncomfortable she's relieved when her name isn't called]

I'm not a Player.
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[Prussia is nearby. She notices the other girl and how she didn't look well today. In fact, she felt a little queasy, but wrote it off as nerves]

WOOT! [she threw her hands up in the air when her name is called. She'll vow with England again, but it might be good to get someone experienced. Maybe this girl]

[she approaches] Guten Morgen, Fräulein~
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[She looks over at Prussia, processing that she spoke German before actually turning to see her]

Good morning?

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The lack of any sort of punishment was, frankly, worrying.

Golbez didn't think much on it, though, because he had been feeling a bit tired, achey, and just generally out of it ever since breakfast.

A Player again. He didn't mind. He hated to admit it, but he was almost resigned to it by now. As soon as Day stopped talking, he went in search of his first Weapon.
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He didn't have to go far. Flynn was intent on ensuring he and Yuri were partnered with a Conquest Player, so he could keep a better eye on his friend. Despite the relatively peaceful assembly, he'd been seeing something unpleasantly smug in Santana's expression that boded ill both for Conquest and for Yuri's tentative peace with the staff. It meant he had to find a Player before Yuri did, in any case.

And anyway, Golbez was a pleasant sort of person.

"Golbez! Good morning," He walked closer before adding, unnecessary but polite, "I don't suppose you have already found Weapons?"
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Ah, there was Flynn. Just the person he'd been looking for.

He nodded in greeting. "No, not yet. I was actually meaning to ask if you would be willing to partner with me for this round."

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sorry this is so late orz

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Iceland didn't know much about Golbez other than his name and the subject he taught, and that he was a player this round, and happened to be the closest to where Iceland was seated. And that being a discard was something to avoid, if at all possible.

"Hey," Iceland said as he approached. "Do you need another weapon?"
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No problem <3

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All of those are a very good basis on which to begin a Player-Weapon relationship. Yes.

Golbez glanced over at Iceland; he didn't know this guy very well, aside from him being a student, but he wasn't going to turn down an offer like that. "I could use one, yes. Are you opposed to being used in battle?"

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Gino, on the other hand, had missed breakfast due to vague pizza and wine-related illness, and was generally wondering why everyone looked so terrible when none of them had been out of the campus the night before.

Weird. In any case, his name had shown up. And so had Suzaku's, so that would be fun. He glanced around over the heads of the crowd; his first order of business: locate his Fashion students with bribes of less kravatte-related homework.

If your eyes meet his and he recognises you even slightly, he's gonna beckon you over.
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Suzaku felt a little strange, a little light headed but he was putting it down to the fact he had been in a coma for three days. When his name was called he merely nodded he knew that Lelouch was automatically his Weapon, and he wasn't too sure what he felt about that but it didn't matter.

He looked around to see if anyone else seemed to be in need of a Player.
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well since they haven't exactly meet yet...

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Minako simply had her eyes glued to the screen, with no real sign of relief that she was called not called on to be a Player. Though this only lead for her to know that she would most likely be used as a weapon, and had immediately caught of Suzaku shortly after looking away from the screen.

"Hey, was your name called out from that list earlier?"
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Suzaku turned to the girl who spoke and nodded, he hadn't seen her before but he had missed the train arriving this week due to being in the infirmary, so there were many new faces. "It was I am Suzaku Kururugi, was yours?"

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For Itsuki

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Lemina was pleasantly surprised to not have to deal with a headache this round. Maybe that round she'd arrived for had just been a fluke? Who knew?

She was a weapon again, which she was okay with. The extra raks she'd get for fighting would be nice, but she was mega pooped after that dungeon round. She looked around to see if anyone was looking for a weapon to vow with.
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Dave floats over. He doesn't know that Lemina is the one he talked to over the network-- the pictures are terrible and so Dave doesn't connect this cute blonde girl to the not-so-photogenic girl he messed around with online.

"Hey. 'Sup," he says casually. "You a player?"
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Dave, however, is easy to recognize even if those pictures are awful. Plus he looks like the other Dave only weirder, so there's that. And hey, he's talking to her, so he must have accepted her apology! Or so she assumes.

"Nope," she replies. "I'm looking for one right now. What about you, Dave?"

Other Dave already said that calling this orange Dave Other Dave wouldn't fly, and with one in each school it shouldn't be that confusing... would it? Maybe she should think of some way to differentiate them. Hmmm. (On that note, what would it be like if Fortitude had another Lemina, she wonders. That would just be weird.)

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Koizumi paced the floor, deep in thought. He had no problem with being a Player, though he was a little surprised by it. If anything, he was excited to see what it was like. He was just trying to decide whether or not he should ask Sherlock to vow again. On one hand, Sherlock was-- no, definitely not reliable. Useful? Interesting? Something like that. On the other hand he was a holy terror, and Koizumi wasn't feeling especially well. Besides, he should meet more strangers. At home he'd had an extensive network of contacts for everything he could possibly need, and the only way to establish a new one would be getting to know as many people as possible--

He stopped just short of walking into Lemina and jumped a little. Instantly, the surprise was plastered over with a smooth smile.

"Excuse me," he said, taking a long stride back. "I should have been paying more attention."

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Kotaro grinned when he saw his name. Okay he hadn't done very well last time but he had been practicing and had been in the dungeon! He was bound to be stronger now! He looked around for Sam or Nephenee as well as anyone else who might want to vow!
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Sam had been looking for Kotaro after he saw his name come up. And they found each other in the middle of the crowd. Sam found he'd been able to zero in oh him pretty easily.

He was glad to now be at the point where he could work on getting his memories back. He was tired of this question hanging over him. "Hi, Kotaro."

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Cirno was actually happy, no punishment and she was pleased to see she was a weapon. She had been noticing that she did better when a weapon but she did want another chance at being a player at some point.

Not letting that bother her, Cirno decided to float up a bit to be eye level with most of the other students around. She crossed her arms and grinned, looking about debating on who to approach.