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Characters: Flynn Scifo and Conquest students/collateral damage.
Format: any
This log is: open
Location: The Conquest Food Tech. classroom.
Summary: Flynn's class has learned to fear his example dishes, but that hasn't stopped him yet. Today, it's okonomiyaki.
Warnings: Potentially terrible cooking.
The general opinion of the Cookery class of Conquest seemed to be that whilst the technical skills you learned were excellent, and the food was generally delicious, the incidental risk of exposure to the less successful of the teacher's concoctions wasn't worth it. No one had died, of course. Yet. But that didn't stop it sending chills down the spines of the intelligent or the recipe-savvy.

Today could be the day. It wasn't the calculated poisoning of Day, or the gleeful meddling of Santana, it was just a cheerful, enthusiastic young knight with no sense of taste and access to a multiverse of spices and bizarre ingredients.

[Before class, Flynn is checking the cupboards and shelves one last time to make sure they're stocked, and then he'll be at the front of the classroom reading until everyone's arrived.

During class he stays at the front of the class for about ten minutes to finish marking homework, and then spends the rest of the hour wandering around, offering advice and just checking in with everyone.

After class he's available for questions, class-related or otherwise, and as usual, offers to clean up by himself to ensure that the students aren't late to their next lesson.]
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[picking out stuff she needs until she arrives at a shelf sitting a bit higher than the others.

tries to reach the packet she wants, stubbornly not asking for help. I'm no good if I can't do this, at least D: why so high up?]

[ooc: placeholderrr I'm sleeping orz]
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Ah... thank you. It's all right, not everyone sits in wheelchairs... [smiles a little] I think I've got all the ingredients now.
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Re: o hi cutie <3

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Yes, yes it is.

I'm not sure yet, I picked out a few things to choose from.
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[Ein couldn't help himself from entering.

The smell was too strong, and for that matter to delicious, to ignore.]
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Well those are both pretty good... might as well try.
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[after class]

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So, how was the food.
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I always forget that you teach cooking, it just doesn't seem like something that you'd do.
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Suzaku gathered his ingredients. He wasn't very good at this class, having lived in army barracks he had never learned to cook. Lelouch had tried once or twice but given up on him, not even Cecil's attrocious concoctions had been enough to convince Suzaku to learn to cook for himself.

So as usual he looked a bit confused, he could pilot a knightmare frame and do feats with the most unlikely chances of success but he was close to be defeated by trying to fry the food and add the other ingredients, all the while making sure nothing burned.