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Fight the Black Tortoise of the North!

Characters: All of them
Format: All the formats
This log is: Incredibly open
Location: The small island on the lake, also in the lake
Summary: Giant tortoise is attacking! Fight for your lives!
Warnings: Battle scenes and a few people might die?
[The tortoise landed with an almighty crash, shaking the small island and causing waves to crash on it's shores. It quickly made it's way to the water before turning and blasting water at those on the shore. The battle had began!]
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[Suzaku struggled out of the water, he had been there since the beginning since he had promised Cirno. He looked around for Arthur so that the king could draw his weapon.]
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[Cirno picked herself out of the water and shook her head to clear the water from her hair. She smirked and took to the air, taking a few rocks from the side.]

'EY YOU! I'm over here!

[starts throwing those rocks at the tortoise and flying about in the air, trying to distract the thing from the rest of the group. Discard or not, she was ready to fight!]
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[Cheshire sits under her, looking up with a smile.] Want a weapon?
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[Cirno blinks and floats down, tilting her head to the side, although keeping a eye on the monster.]

Would help...But how?

[Please excuse the not so bright fairy. She has her moments.]
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You are a weapon. I am a player. [His smile widens a bit. He has a sword of sorts in his hands. She might be able to recognize it as Ein.
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[She recognized that one for sure! She grins widely]

A player huh? I could use a weapon ta help with the fight. Better then being fairy bait again
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Then the weapon needs a player and the player asks the weapon...? [He lets the question hang, almost as if waiting encouragement instead of acceptance.]
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[She blinks for a moment before offering up a small bow and her answer.]

Would you please vow with me? I am more then happy to help you fight this or anything else.
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Vowed we are then! [He jumps up on her shoulder and pulls her weapon from her chest with a grin.]
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Yuka used Provoke.

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Yuka sighed with mixed fondness and exasperation. Wasn't this exactly what Cirno had said she didn't want to do again?

She'd been hoping that, given the way other rules apparently changed for fighting guardians, that she'd get the benefit of her flight upgrade... but apparently not. Well, at least it should give Flynn an easier time getting out of the water.

Well, in any case, it was time for her to do her part. "Helooooooo! Hideously ugly proto-kappa thing! Over heeeeeere!" she shouted, launching a stream of sunflowers at it's head. Were these things smart enough to get mad when you insulted them? It was worth a try!
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[While Apollo had attended the tower meeting, mostly only to listen in on what information everyone else had, he hadn't bothered to show up to see the prefects open the tower. All their talk of monsters made him even more reluctant to get in the way.

But now... the weird keening noises that echoed outside, the pentagram in the sky, and the sounds of battle coming from the lake convince him that this is a lot more serious than he had anticipated. Instead of doing the smart thing and staying inside, Apollo takes off running out of the dorms and towards the lake shore, as fast as his legs can carry him.

He stumbles and nearly trips when he sees the gigantic tortoise that everyone else is fighting. Okay, now he's having some second thoughts about rushing over to help.]
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[Merlin is also having some second thoughts, but he's not a coward and even though he isn't as useful without his magic he can still fight.] Are you alright?
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Am I alright? What about them?!

[Apollo sweeps an arm towards the fighting, then he pauses and watches for a moment with a furrowed brow before he turns to the other boy, only now getting a good look at him.]

...! Is that a Player glove? Can you use me to help?!
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Yes, I can. I promise to protect you. [Hopefully that was enough, he reached out to draw out Apollo's weapon, waiting for the nod from him that it was okay.]
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Yes! I accept!

[He spreads his arms wide, ready and waiting... and then has to take a step back to steady himself as Merlin grasps Truthseeker by the hilt and pulls the sword out of him. Apollo takes a moment to shake off the disorientation, then gives him a small smile,]

O-Okay, ready?
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Wow, that thing was big! The shell looked really tough too, Sora didn't think she'd be able to make any headway against that. She thought she'd heard some kind of advice for this sort of fight before, something about attacking the weak point for massive damage, but she wasn't clear on exactly how that was supposed to work...

The snake part, on the other hand, looked a lot squishier, and might be a good target for hit-and-run attacks. So that's exactly what she started doing.
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Ein, unlike the last time a tower was opened, is taking a more passive role in this battle, seeing as Cheshire is using his sword for the moment.

And for some reason he doesn't seem too happy about that.
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For all the crazy Cheshire has, he does have a heart. He jumps on Ein's shoulders after vowing with Cirno. "Your face is no riddle at least."
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"I don't see how it would ever be," he replied. If nothing else, it would get his mind off of being ineffective this time around.
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"Well, if your heart was less like your face, your face would puzzle people over your heart." He grins a bit wider at Ein, offering him his own sword as if in explanation of his words.
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"I... still don't get it, but thanks!" he says, taking Einherjar and immediately rushing up to attack it.
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[Shion looked around for Becca, his first priority was to get her to safety once she opened the tower. He had promised, and then he would fight this... monster...]