Nov. 22nd, 2012 12:47 pm
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Okay, this has gone on long enough!

I know one of you out there has my bracelet. Don't start thinking I can't track you down without your name. This is a small place, and you have some unique features.

If you give it back, I'll keep your habit of climbing through windows our little secret. If you don't ... well, I have no reason to do you any more favors.

I hope that's clear enough for you.
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Characters: Yomiel, anyone
Format: Any
This log is: open
Location: Conquest courtyard
Summary: Yomiel finally shows.
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Characters: All of them
Format: All the formats
This log is: Incredibly open
Location: The small island on the lake, also in the lake
Summary: Giant tortoise is attacking! Fight for your lives!
Warnings: Battle scenes and a few people might die?
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Characters: Alfred and Apollo
Format: Action
This log is: Closed
Location: Conquest dorms.
Summary: Pledging to each other.
Warnings: None

America wasn't entirely certain what to do this time around, if he should do anything at all. Then again it has been boringly quiet recently. Possibly due to the drop in the number of people currently around the school and town. He really should get himself into high gear and attempt to find a way to get out of here, just like all of those other people who had disappeared. But he supposed that he should start looking for a way to get involved in this week's battle.
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Characters: Apollo and anyone
Format: Any
This log is: Open
Location: Conquest campus or in town
Summary: Apollo's developed a daily routine, but he's still not mentally settled in yet. (Make sure to note the location and time in the subject line or in your post, please!)
Warnings: None yet

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For those getting off the train their first impression of rakuen will be gloomy, the sky is grey and there is a fine drizzle that soaks you before you even realise it's raining. There is a group there to meet you: on one side, four students in black and green; on the other, four in red and white. Whilst the green group are all fairly average; all teenagers, the red group are a tad more varied. One of their girls is tiny, the size of a small child, and her wings are beating patterns in the warm air.

When they notice the arrivals, one out of each group steps forward. A young man in red and white looking serious steps forward

"Can I please have your attention." He explains that they're all prefects of Rakuen, from the two battle schools on the island. Fortitude - the long haired boy and the others dressed in green - and Conquest. They all arrived just like you did, weeks or months before this.

"I know you have many questions but first please come to the person who calls your name."

He looks down on his list to double check "For Conquest Apollo Justice and Naesala."
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