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Video 002 || Host Club

((OOC: Blue is Hikaru, red is Karou, orange is in unison.))

Hello, Rakuen! It's the Hitachiin twins!

[They are both sharing Hikaru's camera, grinning mischievously.]

We have decided that we are going to start a club.

The Rakuen School Host Club!

[They both clasp their hands in front of their chests,] Our humble club has one simple goal;
To make the fine ladies of Rakuen feel like princesses!
Because every girl has a princess in their hearts, just waiting to be catered to!

[Kaoru reaches out to his brother's face looking sad,]Brother, if you keep speaking like that, I will get jealous!

[Hikaru embraces his brother, patting his hair,]It's okay, brother, that is why we are going to find other men to help us. You will always be my most precious.
[They both look to the screen, breaking their embrace,] So, if you want to become popular with the ladies, please, let us know!
Of course, we will have a screening process for our hosts,
Only the best can get in.
Please, won't you kindly join us? [They grin, grasping one of each other's hands and lifting them above their head with a grin before ending the feed.]
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[You guys are getting this face...]

Isn't that kind of pitiful? [... it was meant nicely, honest.]
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Re: video

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To come to a host club to feel like royalty.
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Re: video

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[Eek, he has her sympathy.]

Really? Direct or minor branches? [AKA: immediate royal family or in-law families.]
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Re: video

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[Kaoru's turn]

Our school had its fair-share of upper nobility, spanning through multiple families. We catered to whomever was present. It didn't much matter to us, as long as our guests felt like princesses by the end of their stay.